Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1250 Level

Ah :-) Finally… Well, the dice were not friendly as my Deathwing died to a BA list last night… Dedicated Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws and a CPT with Thunderhammer getting a grand total of 2 hits and one kill over the course of 3-4 turns of HtH? Yes, the list was solid and the plan was sound, just was not a good night to be a Consecrator Deathwing member apparently…

Anyway up to 1250 and I'm thrilled…


Belial (Bezaliel for my chapter) probably TH/SS or Claws 130

Deathwing "Command" Squad: Apothecary, CML, 2 TH/SS, LC 270

(might swap out the CML for the Standard if I just want to sell out for an assault squad)

Deathwing Squad: CML, mix of weapons 235

Deathwing Squad: CML, Mix o' weapons 235

Mortis class DN (2 x TLAC) 125

Land Raider Crusader (+ storm bolter) 255

Nothing at all subtle here, Land Raider rolls forward with Bezaliel and his squad loaded out with HtH weapons covered by the other two squads and the DN… The Ravenwing might do the same job, but I REALLY like the DNs…

The other major option would just be 4 Deathwing squads, one of the w/ Apothecary option, all with the CML and 2 Typhoon class speeders (breaking out some of the ancient metal ones I have)… I do not think I could deal well with another Terminator based force, but Marines are in trouble with 12 Str 8 AP 3 missiles each turn… Horde forces? Well, against the IG, I'd just be saturating the heavy weapon teams with fire for the first few turns, hoping for even average rolls on the cover saves for him since each missile kills the entire team it hits (more than double the T value). Then more or less choose one blob and just pour all of my fire into it until it goes away or reaches me. Since I am also able to fire on the move, I'll likely be backing up as I fire… Orks? Um, yes… Just choose the nearest blob, fire like we're voting in Chicago… Early, often and targeted…

Power and Internet blipping in and out here, so I'll post as it comes back :-)