Friday, April 8, 2011

Back to gaming stuff :-)

Mkay, still in the 1000 point league, thinking about running the following:

1000 GK

Brotherhood Champion         100

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor            25

    Plasma Syphon            10

    Rad grenades            15


    Jokaero                35

    2 * Warrior (C arm, SB)        22

Chimera            55

Terminators (Psycannon)        225

Purifiers (2*Psycannon, 3 Halberds)    146

    Rhino                40

Dreadknight (Tele,Incinerator, HPsy)    265


2 more Purifiers (w/ Halbs) and 10 more points somewhere? Or flesh out the Inq's band… Plan is to run the Champion, the Inquisitor and the Terminator squad in the Chimera. The Purifiers roll in the Rhino.. DK has the teleporter too, so basically, the Inq warband just sits back and cheers them on while the armored spearhead moves upfield. When the lads get out of their rides, hopefully they're close enough to the enemy lines… The Plasma Syphon making ALL plasma within 12" shoot at BS 1 might protect the Terminators and Purifiers a bit… The Rad Grenades making the enemy -1T should help clear out HtH a bit, and the Purifiers are an unholy terror to hordes, like the IG… 'course, I'll have to keep any Plasma my partner has away from the front a bit :- )