Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off the wall lists?

Sometimes I think that I can just try something silly in 40K and maybe it will work… At a thousand points, I'm extremely limited, but a thought had occurred to me, what about 2 Storm Ravens with a squad of Terminators (or Purifiers) in each? The Terminators biggest weakness has been that they are slow and therefore vulnerable slogging across the board… Also it is REALLY hard not to telegraph precisely what I am doing several turns in advance) without a transport and/or 3++ saves.


So, 2 Ravens at 205/each (load out with TLMM and TLLC probably) loaded out with a squad of Terminators each, probably Psycannon, mix of weapons coming in at 225 each… Brings me to 860… So, maybe one gets der Flamwerfer, and I bring a Brotherhood Champion and Xenos Inquisitor? Would make for one really good assault squad of Terminators backed with the characters giving bonuses to charge, rad/Psytrope grenades, etc…. And the other one can run a flank or be a mobile reserve perhaps… Stupidly aggressive and mobile… Could be quite a shock to the locals certainly the first time at least… Instead of the BHC and Inquisitor, I could drop the 2nd Terminator squad down to a Purifier squad and bring out the Librarian again… 3+ cover save to the Raven moving all out to deliver the squad o doom out there? Yes please… And Psy defense is always a good thing to have…