Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ah, Necrons :-)

Reading over a lot about the new Necron codex…  Looks neat, and I expect the FAQ pretty soon because there are some really poorly worded ones there.  The “Death Ray” is the first one I’m curious about… 
Death ray: To fire the death ray, nommate a po1nt on
the battlefield anywhere withm the weapon's range. then
nominate a second point within 3D6" of the f1rst Then, draw
a straight hne between the two poonts Every un1t (fnendly or
enemy) underneath the fine suffers a number of hits equal to
the number of models 1n the umt underneath the hne. tf the
veh1cle's other weaponry •s fired in the same shooting phase,
1t must be flfed at one of the unJts hit by the death ray”

So, it either means for every unit that gets hit, every model in that unit gets hit OR it could mean that every unit that gets hit, count the number of actual models hit by the line, the that unit takes that number of hits…  Could be either one really, I’m assuming the first, but honestly the first time I read it I took it to mean the second…  But then I’m just an Engineer, I can’t be expected to understand these things J  So, either way, it is a HUGE priority target for just about anyone facing it…