Sunday, September 9, 2012

New FAQ, and let's see how the army does this week...

Well, new FAQs came out at the end of last week...  Tycho for instance can completely ignore armor in his HtH attacks.  Neat I guess, and since I am fielding him I'll take it...  I thought it was kind of odd because "ignores armor" IIRC was just the wording for "Power Weapon" in the previous edition.  Could be wrong of course :-)  I just don't feel like looking it up.  Not sure the justification for Bone Swords ignoring all armor, effectively becoming AP 2, but not facing any in the League at least...  Jamie will likely field them of course, so likely see them there, but nothing yet to be concerned about.

So, fielding a variant of last weeks force I think:

CPT Sariel (Tycho)
Sanguinary Priests (2, 1 jump pack, 1 power weapon, Axe)
Scout Squad (10, snipers, Heavy Bolter or ML, might drop the PF)
Assault Squad (10, flamer, melta gun, SGT w/PW/PP or inferno pistol)
Assault Squad (5, Razorback with TLAC ro Las/Plas, melta gun)
Sternguard Squad (Drop Pod, 5 Combi Melta, 1 Combi Plasma, Heavy Flamer)
Baal Predator (TLAC or Flamer, HB sponsons

Aegis line w/ Quad Gun

Looking at dropping the power fist on the Scouts, so saving 25 points that I have yet to use during this league...  Maybe put a power weapon on one of the Sang Priests...  Maybe Terminator Armor?  That seemed to work out well in the Drop pod...  Or 30 points that I have left over becomes another Sternguard trooper with a Combi Weapon...  Hmmm...  That might be the plan.

I still think army is weak against a mass flier army, but overall it is looking good...