Sunday, July 20, 2014

Borg OP 1...

So, a few options for the OP starting this evening at the Gopher...

I call this "Fuck you, we brought a Battleship":
Dominion 90 Borg 5

4th Division Battleship (36)
Gul Dukat (5)
Remata'Klan (4)
Boheeka (2)
Photon Torpedoes (6)
Volley of Torpedoes (6)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Shroud (1)
Ship SP: 63

5th Wing Patrol Ship (22)
Gelnon (3)
Breen Aide (2)
Ship SP: 27

Total Build SP: 90

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Turns like a tug boat, but if I wind up in a Joust with two ships I can fire a 7 dice Torpedo attack from the Volley and then a 9 (!!) dice attack at a second target which I do not need a Lock on...  So, Cloaked, whatever...  Boheeka should get at least one guaranteed hit, will likely have Battle Stations ready for that on one...  With a bit of luck, should be able to cripple or kill 2 ships and the other 2 ships are just there to keep things off my back...

This one is more balanced:
Dominion 90 Borg 1

Koranak (26)
Weyoun (5)
Breen Aide (1)
Remata'Klan (3)
Cloaking Device (4)
Ship SP: 39

4th Division Battleship (36)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Omet'Iklan (5)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 51

Total Build SP: 90

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Two good ships, should throw out a lot of damage, the Kornak loaded out to surprise 2 ships from a cloak...  More likely the one I play if I go Dominion...

And a Federation build...
Fed Borg 2

USS Voyager (30)
Mr. Spock (4)
Adm. James T. Kirk (5)
Hikaru Sulu (3)
Pavel Chekov (3)
Ship SP: 45

U.S.S Enterprise-D (28)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Engage (3)
Dmitri Valtane (3)
Montgomery Scott (5)
Ship SP: 45

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder
Two good ships, the potential to mess up other folks combos with Admiral Kirk...  360 degree firing arcs, decent damage, and fast ships...  

NOT sure either can take down a fully loaded Borg ship, but they'll at least know they were in a fight and it will be fun to play...