Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Borg OP 2 coming up...

Borg OP 2:

So, gearing up for this in a few weeks…  Another 90 point game, this time played out at Wolf 359.  So, pretty much the opposite mindset as the Gen con build where the tougher, survivable ships were better than the ones that just threw out Dice for Attack/Damage.  Here, the situation is a very different one, a battle that literally cannot be won in a conventional sense.  You are just trying to buy time and do as much damage as you can before the Borg destroy you as they pass through the system.  I have a few ideas for a Fleet build here, and this is actually something I am VERY good at.  J  Reading over a few of my Army psych evaluations and fitness reports does make for some amusing reading, if a bit scary if you actually understand what they are trying to say without actually saying it…  The poor Psych officer they sent over to evaluate us was fairly new and clearly never dealt with a Line Combat unit before.  Most of the things she said were “Red Flags” were actually highly favorable and sought after traits there…  J  But in any case, I am fairly good at the “desperation defense” and the idea of “do as much damage as you can before you die”.  Likely will not run a Federation pure fleet this time.  The Klingons, Dominion and to some extent the Romulans can throw out a lot of damage.  Mind, if I do a mixed Fleet (Ships themselves will be pure), some of the Federation stuff CAN compete.  As the rules for the scenario are that the Borg simply fire last, no need to have the high skill CPTs there unless they also do something else critical, they’ll be needed in Sector 001 for the next battle.  So a few options I’ve come up with are:


I.R.W. Valdore (30)
Mirok (2)
Advanced Cloaking (4)
Ship SP: 36

Good base ship…  CPT Mirok has the ability that if he ends his move within Range 1 of a Friendly Ship, repair one Hull or Shield.  With the Advanced Cloak, I should be able to keep Cloaked for a LONG time, using the Green maneuvers to clear Aux Power tokens and gaining the +1 Attack each turn from the Ship ability.  The Flagship which will likely end up here is another +1 Attack, Hull and Tech slot (needed for the Advanced Cloaking).  So, decent basis for a Fleet build…  The Romulans however do not have  lot of “tank” ships that can throw out Damage well.

Dominion?  Looking at what I have, the BB, the Koranak class Cruiser and the Fighters all throw out a LOT of Damage…  Enough to win?  Not sure…  But might be fun to try.

Klingons almost seem the “Easy Button” choice here.  A group of 3+ just flying in and shooting like they are voting in Chicago…  Early and often.  They also have a fair number of abilities that boost Damage and Attack Dice making them pretty darn good at the run up and shoot game.

This of course is just the 90 points I build beforehand, getting another 30 point ship can be good (if I pull the Klingon or Federation ship) or not so much, except another target to soak fire while my heavy hitters move in and do damage.

Warmachine is the other thing I am playing at the moment I guess…  Found some more minis in the basement, even some I never painted.  Played out several games with CPT Kraye, so I think perhaps it is time to go with another caster combo…  Having all of the older ones, I do have a large selection of them to choose from, so I guess I should figure out what I am bringing before Wednesday as I hope to load up onto the ancient Silverwing and head out…