Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ah, more X-Wing stuff...

So…  Learning the X-Wing stuff and going through the requisite early losses to learn the system…  Though having said that, it is kind of feeling VERY familiar and like the “Maverick” movie with Mr. Gibson and his proclamation to lose until a set point…  Getting the hang quickly.  Which is good as there are a number of events coming up for this system that I am planning on attending.  NOT planning on winning of course, but certainly planning on playing for the win.  Will see better this weekend what the “local meta” actually is.  Since I will only play the Rebels, my Squadron selection is pretty easy…  Or it would be if I could just make up my mind J…  With my lovely wife’s support on the Christmas present of doom, I have a lot more in the line of choices…

2 X-Wings
2 B-Wings
1-2 Z95s

My initial inclination is:

YT-2400 (Leebo, Determination, Heavy Laser Cannon, Dash Rendar, Outrider) 49
B-Wing (Ten Numb) 31
Z-95 (Airen Cracken) 19

Leaves me with one point left over for something random or Initiative…  Seem like it would be a decent build for a beginner with a tough to kill ship supported by the 2 Fighters, one of which at least is a decent gunboat, the other really just there for the free action/support

Other than that I have been thinking of running a fairly standard 4 Fighter Squadron of:
B-Wing (Ten Numb) 31
E-Wing (Etahn A’baht, R2-D2) 36
Z-95 (Airen Cracken) 19
Z-95 (Bandit ) 12

Some amusing combos with Ten’s one Crit not being able to be dodged, Etahn’s ability to give ALL other attackers the ability to change a hit to a critical and free action from Airen.  Not throwing a lot of dice down range, but pretty high quality I think…  Other variant with LT Blount and the Assault Missiles for the “it just hits” and causes damage to a swarm.  Not sure, if the swarm of TIEs is a thing locally, then this will definitely be a good one, else…  Situational, and not likely to be something I bother with…

Brings me to a question…  What, if any is the difference between “Missile” and “Torpedo” in this game?  Both seem exactly the same, it really does seem to be just something that FFG is using to control access to certain “missiles” that might cause balance issues if they were more generally available…  But both in this system are things secondary weapons requiring a Target Lock and a Discard of the upgrade to fire, so functionally identical.