Thursday, March 26, 2015

Final list for the Store Championship, and the bike...

So, I've gotten more test games and this is the list I've sent along to the TO...  The Die is cast as it were.

Emon Azzameen — Firespray-3136
Seismic Charges2
Proximity Mines3
Proximity Mines3
Kavil — Y-Wing24
Ion Cannon Turret5
Unhinged Astromech1
N'Dru Suhlak — Z-95 Headhunter17
Lone Wolf2
Cluster Missiles4
Munitions Failsafe1

Pretty simple list all things considered...  I can run the Z-95 either starting behind the other two ships, or clear on the other side of the board.  NEED to keep him range 2+ from everyone else to get the bonuses (+1 Attack Dice, Re-Rolls on Attack and Defense).  The Cluster Missiles are short ranged, but potential 8 Dice with built in re-rolls...  Should put a big dent in most things.  Kavil on the Y-Wing just flies around doing hard 3's (Green with the Droid) shooting 4 Dice Ion attacks.  His fighter is fairly tankish (and flies like it too), so not really worried about losing him o any single attack...  Emon in the Firespray causes Stress and drops Bombs/Mines...  With the ability to drop them using the Straight 1, Straight 3 or the 3 Turn template, it really opens up a big chunk of the board as potential targets for his munitions...  And he still gets a shot out of front or rear arc...  If he catches something at Range 2, they get a Stress, whether he hits or not :-)...

We'll see how they do in the big field at Titan Games...  More than 20 have already pre-registered and with a hard cap of 32, might well be how many get in.  This is the last day for it to be run, so folks coming in from quite a distance.  I already won my Focus tokens at the Gopher, so not really stressing about the tournament itself to be honest.  Figure that my list is a fairly good one, and is fun to play...  Not a lot I simply cannot beat, can really only think of a few definite hard counters.  Even those are not really hard counters, just bad match-ups that I'll have to play better and get lucky to win.  Still a dice game, so...

So, got the bike completely fixed and out for a bit...  And then the weather went back to crap.  I'm telling you, this has happened EVERY time I get my bike ready, I should get the farmers here to kick in and buy me a nice new(er) bike that I can't ride much so that their crops would get the guaranteed amount of rain :-)  Maybe Sunday will be clear enough for me to ride out to the Tournament...