Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More X-Wing play-testing...

Got in games of X-Wing and Armada last night…  X-Wing was pretty quick.  I played:
Unnamed Squadron (100)
"Echo" — TIE Phantom
Veteran Instincts
Fire-Control System
Recon Specialist
Advanced Cloaking Device
Ship Total: 40

Rear Admiral Chiraneau — VT-49 Decimator
Engine Upgrade
Ship Total: 60

So, NOTHING subtle, but it was REALLY effective…  He fielded Corran Horn (PTL, Adv Sensors, R2, EU?) and 3 of the Z-95’s with Guidance Chips and Concussion Missiles…  Like I said, was quick.  Not sure if he was prepared for how quickly I could close.  Did require a bit of skill to fly through the Asteroids, but since he was trying to avoid it until too late…  Echo moving through things was pretty insane, but the VT just boosting each time to get in close was the killer…  The Admiral’s ability to fire the turret with Predator AND Gunner meant that the ships like Horn with their absolute dependence on their Green Dice are in a LOT of trouble.  They have to get fairly lucky fairly often to survive…  Even one blank on the Green Dice could well be them dying, and the ADM forcing 2 rolls/turn make that “bad” result come up more frequently…  It only took one turn of firing at R1 to burn through Horn’s shield (3 Hits and a Focus going to a Critical)…  I think this will translate fairly well to hunting Imperial Aces, but I’ll have to run it against them to be sure…

So, still waiting on the Imp Vets and now that Wave 9 is announced...  Waiting on those :-)...  Should be interesting...