Tuesday, September 12, 2017

X-Wing League Month 1 AAR

Game 1 was against Chewbacca in a YT-1300 and Lowhhrick in an Auzituck Gunship.  Newer player, so felt bad playing my distilled SC list against it, but it was pretty quick.  Got in behind the Wookie gunship and burned it down quickly.  The YT lasted a bit longer, but I was able to just bump him with Nym and just hit him with bombs for a few turns… 

Game 2 was against a Dengar/Fenn.  I lost Initiative and so had to go first as there were 3 PS 9’s and my PS 10.  Not really a problem as I used Dengar as a blocker.  Fenn got clipped by a bomblet and took a Direct Hit.  He lasted another turn as I just rolled up behind him and used the ABT to finish him.  Took a while to hunt down his Dengar with mine as Nym took some serious damage and I had him roll out to get position for a bombing run in a few turns.  My Dengar went to half killing his, but by then it was pretty much over.

Game 3 was my loss…  Flew against Blaise with his COL Vessary (x7, Juke), Quickdraw (FCS and ?) and TIE Aggressor with TLT.  Good build overall.  I have a real problem dealing with TLT…  He bunched his ship up and ran right at Dengar.  Did some damage as Nym skirted the group to drop bombs on the way out to get the TLT off the board.  Dengar crippled Quickdraw in an almost mutual destruction…  Had my dice not been so bloody cold it would have been, but…  In any case Nym killed the TLT carrier and got COL Vessary down to 2 Hull.  Came down to a last play where I missed with an ABT shot, dropped a bomb and missed with ANOTHER ABT shot…  Needed 2 of those 6 dice to come up with Hits.  Got 1.  But great game J