Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mattoon League 2 Month 1 AAR

So, decided to fly the Silencer/Phantom build…

KyloWhisper (91)
"Whisper" — TIE Phantom
Veteran Instincts
Sensor Jammer
Rebel Captive
Advanced Cloaking Device
Ship Total: 44

Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer
Push the Limit
Advanced Sensors
Advanced Optics
First Order Vanguard
Ship Total: 47

Whisper is hyper defensive in this build…  Only big negative being that she hits like a noodle.  4 Dice base attack so a lasagna noodle, but a noodle…  Usually.  Sometimes you do roll over the average…

Round 1 was against Tim…  He flew his Palp Aces build, and I was fairly sure it was a loss for me…  Another excellent game that went to time*…  The * is because they were using 60 minute rounds…  I think that it would have resolved more in my favor had we gone to the normal 75 minute round…  Turns out, even hyper-defensive TIE Phantoms melt when Quickdraw is able to roll over debris and use Palp to hit herself with a Crit to shoot me before I token up…  He did it twice, I anticipated the first one, but not the second one…  So, Whisper did some damage on the way down, but died to Quickdraw.  Plus side for me, QD was triple Stressed and out of Shields…  So, Kylo was able to finish her off.  Got half onto the Shuttle, and glad Whisper hits hard…  But CLOSE game.

Game 2 was against Ben…  Decent Rebel build.  Miranda scares me, so I hunted her down quickly.  These two ships are just stupidly maneuverable…  And my PS 9 was over everything he had, so he never did have much chance to try and corral my ships.  So, Killed Miranda, then it was clean up mode.  100-0 win.

Game 3 was against Ken and his new Rebel build…  He WAS able to corral Whisper when I got greedy and did a De-Cloak/3 Turn and ended up at Range 1 of 2 of his ships…  Should have realized he would go slowly.  The 2 Turn would have put me out of one arc, and I could have PROBABLY survived one shot…  So, just more things to get used to.  Playing Aces that are hyper Defensive, do NOT get greedy and forgo the shot if I have to.  You dodge 100% of the shots they do not take.  But Kylo was able to clean up…  2 Damaged ships and a B-Wing…  Sadly, the B-Wing is simply outclassed these days… 

Take a ways?  This is a surprisingly solid build…  Might be one of the SC rotations for me.  Might pick up a second Alpha Class gunboat…  I know people have discounted the Kylo/2 Gunboat build as just not good enough, but I do think it is a fairly strong one.  At least a “Gatekeeper” list I suspect.  Will see what I can come up with…