Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mkay, The Blood Angels codex is coming out 3 April…  I have the bulk of it from various online sources, and will be picking up my pre-ordered copy on it’s release date.  Playing in an escalation league at the Gopher, and we’re just now at the 1000 point level.  So, this week I’ll field my last “PDF” list (the current codex is a free PDF/download)…  So, the last week of me fighting with one hand behind my back…  I’ll be fielding either a Mechanized list of a Drop list. 


Mech list:

Captain, perhaps Tycho (100/110)

Death Company, 3 w/ Jump packs (15)

Assault Squad, 2 Plasma Pistols, SGT w/ Power Fist in Rhino (210)

Assault Squad, 2 Plasma Pistols, SGT PP/PW (200)

Tactical Squad, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun, Power Fist in Rhino (215)

Baal Predator, Twin Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters (125)

Vindicator (125)


Drop list:

Chaplain, Jump pack (120)

Veteran Assault Squad, Melta, PF, 2 PW, Jump Pack (215)

Assault Squad, 2 Plasma, Power Weapon (185)

Assault Squad, 2 Plasma, Power Fist (195)

Death Company, 3, Jump packs (15)

Baal Predator, TLAC, Heavy Bolters (125)

Whirlwind (85)

Land Speeder, Multi Melta, Typhoon Launcher (75)


Yes, the Drop list is more my speed overall, depending on who I end up facing of course…  Dark Eldar with so many Lances would tear it apart I think, but most everything else…  The Baal and Rhinos are “fast” 50% of the time for this week.  All Rhino Hulls are Fast under the new codex, and REALLY looking forward to that.  They get all of the standard Marine Vet squad types like the Sternguard and Vanguard Vets…  I WILL field the Vanguard vets, with the new rules for only a 1d6 deviation on a deep strike, and the ability to assault right out of a deep strike?  Um, yes I think I will…  Moving from 2 “Troops” choices to 6, that should be great.  The Death Company is now not cheap, and Troops…  Though they cannot score or hold objectives, something about being insane and berserkers…  If I field 5, I can then field a Death Company Dreadnaught (DN) as a Troops selection. So, DNs as Troops…  3 different types of DN’s, the Elite ones being armor 13 to the front, mostly close in and can be a Librarian (Psyker) for an additional 50 points.  Death company being immune to stunning and being shaken (berserkers), faster (fleet) and with extra attacks…  The standard “normal” ones being Heavy Support. So, in 2 weeks when we hit the 1500 point level, I suspect I’ll field the Death Company DN in addition to the Furioso type one(s)…  It’ll be a fast, hard hitting list, the key command being “Go!” :-)  Like the Wolves, but I suspect the FT’s will have a much more difficult time actually holding the objectives if they fail to simply erase all of their opposition, so a win or die thing for them, not a stubborn “Hold until Relieved” my Grey Hunters are really good at…