Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Codex...

Mkay, headed into the New codex list...  First shot is 1000 points.  A bit tight to fit in all the elements that I'd like to...  So, here's a Drop list.  Plan is that the DN drops in due to the Drop pod rules (half drop in on turn one, rounding up and half of one is one :-)).  Now the Pod has a locator beacon on it.  The pod will drop right into the Enemy force and the DN comes out to play...  The obvious threat is the big nasty DN, but with the beacon there the rest of the force Deep Striking in does not deviate within 6" of the pod.  So, the rest of the force starts dropping in on turn 2...  Should be a quick and dirty one no matter what happens.  Oh, and a 10 man Scout squad and a Baal Predator (also a Scout)...

FT 1000

Librarian w/ Jump Pack 125


Furioso DN (Blood Talons, Magna Grapple, EA) 155

            Drop Pod (Beacon) 45

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack, Hand Flamer  85


Assault Squad (PP, PF) 140

Assault Squad (Hand Flamer or Melta, Hand Flamer/PW) 

Scout Squad (Heavy Bolter, Camo Cloaks, 10, 5 Snipers) 170


Baal Predator (HB Sponson) 145