Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mkay, so we’re up to 1500 finally… So, what I’d consider a “full” army at least. So, I’ll throw down some Mech and Drop lists and see who I draw as an opponent this week… The Mech 1250 list (modified some) won out against a Dark Eldar Mech list… Highlights being the Scout SGT taking down the big nasty Vecht (SP?) character’s Raider in close combat… That and the army actually working as intended…


FT 1500 Mech:

Reclusiarch 130


Furioso DN ( Magna Grapple, EA, Flamer) 165

Drop Pod 35

Sanguinary Priests

#1 Hand Flamer, PW 75

#2 PW, HF 75


Assault Squad (PP, PF, HF) 150

Razorback (-35, LC/TLP) 55

Assault Squad (PW, HF, Melta gun) 135

Razorback (TLHF, -35) 20

Death Company (5, PF, PW) 140

Razorback (TLAC) 90


DC DN (Talons) 125


Baal Predator (HB Sponson) 145

Baal Predator (HB Sponson) 145