Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New League, starting over

We're running a team league at the Gopher and I'll be partnered up with one of the Eldar players, Dave Hahn. I'll probably at least start off running my Praetorians at the 500 point level and likely 750 as well. Since those levels are not requiring us to actually field a "legal" army (don't need to field the 1 HQ, 2 troops), I can pretty much tailor my list to cause the most damage in the shortest amount of time… Here's my "legal" list:

Company Command section (2 GL, Las Cannon, Master of Ordnance, Chimera) 160

Vet Squad (3 Melta, shotguns, Missile Launcher, Chimera) 165

Vet Squad (3 Melta, shotguns, Las Cannon, Chimera) 175


And here's my "It's my 500 point 'All Stars' list":

Company Command section (4 Melta, Chimera) 145

Hydra 75

Leman Russ Battle Tank 150

Vendetta ( 3 TL Las Cannons) or Valkyrie (rocket pods, multi laser) 130



The first has all BS 4, standard Mechanized list, not a lot of imagination or thought required. On the other hand, I'm not totally screwed if it comes up "Dawn of War" deployment like it did for me ALL last league, except that last game. I see them reserving a LOT and then just driving around shooting things up… Hull Heavy Flamers probably… With the second list I can't win any games with it, but I CAN throw a LOT of firepower down range… Will be counting on either wiping the other team off the field or Dave's Eldar holding objectives… Or I could field the Vendetta/Valkyrie and a bunch of Sentinels for an outflanking army…