Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Next Week in the League

Mkay, so with the remaining teams being :

Mike and Son... Inquisition and DE's greatest hits... Crap tons of Dark Lances, Uber missile launching Predator hulls and lots of skimmers to get in the way... Honestly not sure what to do here. I have bunches of Sentinels (5), and 2 Leman Russ hulls so I could go Mech Guard with Command, 2 Vet squads in Chimeras, 2 squadrons of Scout Sentinels (multi laser or autocannon and HK missiles) to flank and hopefully get some side shots or just shots at the night shielded skimmers of doom. Or I can run BA, SW or Eldar... But I see us having to fight a reserve game against their gun line. With Wolves I have Scouts that can appear in their back line, BA have assault troops that hit from deep strike... Eldar, well I guess I can Pathfinder, War Walker and Spider up to see how many Str 6+ shots I can put on their stuff. I DO have a Fire Prism, but Wraithlords and Avatars would die quickly I think against them... Wolves might be the answer with a Land Raider loaded out with a Rune Priest and the 24" Enemy skimmers/jump troops/deep strikers treat all terrain as dangerous. Raider will draw a crapton of fire, but it might keep the other things alive. The Exorcists are not a real threat to the LR, and ramming the LR into their midst will deliver as assault group... 'course, I'm also tempted to do something silly like Eldar with Hawks to assault the DE Raiders


Tom/Joe: Tom's Marines and Joe's Chaos forces.... Well, a command squad kitted out with Plasma guns, Vets w/ Melta, Vendetta flanking and I can bring a Colossus (Str 6, AP 3 Ord blast, only fires indirect) to deal with the inevitable groups of Marines hiding in buildings for the 3+ cover save (Tom's Tech Marine). The Drop Pods with his Sternguard and DN's I think will lose out against the cheaper IG... Farseer w/ Mind War, doom or guide? I know that specific things dying would make a big difference, and blocking or making their Psych powers hurt themselves would rock...


Jamie/Ted: Tyranids and Orks? Or Marines with a heavy DN element... Jamie tends toward a horde of wee tiny peons and a group of really big nasties. So, likely my IG Mech force? Though my Wolves and BA have also done quite well against him. A horde of Orks? My wolves and BA have stood them up and beaten them in HtH... I'm fairly sure that an IG gunline would also do well there... Though the same could be said of an Eldar gunline with Farseer support to off the power claw guys and let the Wraithlord(s) just eat them a few at a time... 'course I could run an IG version of that with armored Sentinel(s)...


Mkay, so long rambling way of saying I can bring pretty much anything :-)