Thursday, January 27, 2011

It’s a few weeks out, but…

Local Tourney coming up in a few weeks… We run leagues in the store with a tournament at the end of an 8 week league, so this is the end of our "escalation league"… I've been doing fairly well with my Consecrators "Deathwing" force so far, but we're only at the 1000 point level, I have very little experience at the Tournament's level of 1500 points… So, is a second HQ even worth it at the 1500 point level? I considered running something fairly "standard" at least more "old school DW" like this:

Belial (TH/SS or LC)

Librarian (TDA, Combi melta?)

Deathwing "Command Squad" (CML, 2 TH/SS, LC, Apoth)

Deathwing squad (as above)


Land Raider Crusader

Land Raider

Land Speeder Typhoon


But my concerns are that the Librarian is really expensive for a 2 wound "might be useful" model, only 2 "Troops" squads and the Land Raiders are not all THAT hard for a lot of forces to take down when push comes to shove… Still might win a few by virtue of being so compact and tightly focused, just more likely to be destroyed for the same reason I think… That and the LRC I "have" is actually a MK I Land Raider I am converting to a Spartan class LR with magnetized weapons… I SHOULD be able to get it done by then, but…


My other initial thought was just Terminator Saturation:

Belial (TH/SS)

4 squads of Deathwing, one w/Apoth, all with: CML, 2 TH/SS, LC, etc…

DN (Gunboat, TLAC or PC and ML)

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (2 Melta, Attack bike w/MM)

Land Speeder Typhoon


I've been REALLY liking the Deathwing Assault combined with the Ravenwing's teleport homers allowing me to simply place the deep strikers exactly where I want them (Also a BA player, the Drop pods w/ beacons are HUGE for my DoA lists)… It's surprised a fair number of people locally and allowed me to put my people in the best possible defensive positioning to take and hold objectives… Then just hold until time runs out really… Down sides being: Only 2 vehicles and Terminators are not THAT hard to kill, especially with the new DE 5th ed "star cannon" (Yes, I remember that far back when the Eldar came out in 3rd ed with the Star Cannons that just wiped Marine armies off the tables using them…) or just massed AT firepower… Up sides being: 4 troops that are not easy to kill, all fearless so, no worries about running away or IG PBS silliness, fair amount of long range firepower, etc…

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Higher Point Levels…

OK, time to start thinking about what the Deathwing can bring at a 1500 point level… And what I can actually have assembled (at least) by the 19th for the Tourney at the Gopher… Not sure whether to sell out and go with 2 Deathwing squads mounted in Land Raiders or the other way and bring what my old friend Taleni would call "more"… Taleni Pahulu was another SGT in my old company, Samoan… Used to joke that his tribe had "only 5 numbers, but they were a very happy tribe… Their numbers were zero, one, two, three, and more"… My Deathwing are annoyingly difficult to dig out when they hunker down in cover on an objective. Does kind of go against my normal "Attack like you're voting in Chicago… Early and Often" mode… Dropping the 20+ Terminators out there, all of them (except Belial himself) being "Troops" backed by Ravenwing for scouting bikes and teleport homers, and of course meltas… Well, that might be difficult for most armies to face…

Friday, January 21, 2011

More toys being built…

Mkay, so building more of the lads… Experimenting with the rare earth magnets and various weapon and arm load outs… With the Dark Angels, I can field a good mix of Assault weapons (Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield and Lightning Claws) along with the more "traditional" Storm Bolter/Power Fist and even one of the heavy weapons… The Cyclone just got useful, but to be honest I was going to be using one anyway. Assault Cannons are OK, and they'll probably always be the weapon I break out by default since they were the first ones I used in the old days, but they really require me to roll a LOT of 6's to really hurt Marines or vehicles… The Cyclone, average or even a bit below works fine…


Anyway, with the DA, I can field the Cyclone on a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminator for the 3++ save, "I don't care" class weapons in HtH and shooting out to 48" range… Now, I call them "I Don't Care" class because overall it doesn't really matter what you're hitting, barring odd cases like an Eldar Seer Council, 2++ saves, or other Terminator class armor… Well, it all goes splat. Still trying to find the best mix of weapons with the Deathwing, but it is fun to play it, even if… Well, actually especially because it is NOT the most "competitive" build I can field. It surprises a lot of folks, and it is really just rock solid. Not subtle at all. But fun…


Also breaking out another thing I found in the basement of doom… An ancient MK I Land Raider, in pretty rough shape, but one of the 2 I picked up in the first box set WAY back in the late 80's… 2 Land Raiders came to a box for $20, and 3 Rhinos for the same price… I'll be combining it with a wrecked MK I Rhino for another Spartan Class Land Raider, but this one I'll be using the magnets on the weapon mounts to allow the swapping of the options… Should be interesting when I finally get it back out on the table… Just hope I can make this one look as nice as the other one from way back then…

Monday, January 17, 2011

Second Stage of the League

Mkay, made it through the first stage of the League (the 750 point level) with one win and a draw… Now we're up to the 1000 point level. So, I can bring more than the 2 squads and Belial out to play… I've also got to remember to just play the mission. Wound up with a draw because I broke cover with the one squad to engage and destroy a Rhino full of basic Chaos Marines. Well, that I ignored my rule of "Missile Launchers shall ONLY fire krak missiles"… With the updated rules for the Cyclone, I can get the 2 shots/turn, and while I was able to cover 7 of them with frag templates and do 5 wounds, I went away with NO kills. Compared to the potential just kill 2/turn, I would have wiped the squad much quicker had both squads maintained fire discipline and just shot from the objectives…


Anyway, more magnets picked up, more Thunder Hammers and Shields ordered, so I plan on making more swappable Deathwing models… So, next week, I'll be running something along these lines:

Belial (TH/SS)     130

Deathwing "Command Squad": Cyclone, Apothecary, mix of TH/SS, LC, SB/PF     265

Deathwing Squad: Cyclone, mix of weapons    235

Ravenwing Squadron: 2 Plasma Guns, Attack bike with MM, PF on SGT 225

Dreadnaught (Plasma/Missile or TLAC/Missile) 135


Might work out better…

Friday, January 14, 2011

Deathwing Resurgence

Well, with the FAQ released today, my new army just got a WHOLE lot better… Storm Shields, Cyclones, Typhoons, Medics and the like all moved to the current standard types to match the regular Marine equipment… So, I'll try the random picture posting…

Friday, January 7, 2011

Escalation League, starting at 750

Escalation League, starting at 750


Starting out my Consecrators from scratch, going for a Deathwing force, we're running an escalation league at the FLGS, so seemed like a good place to start this:


Belial            130

Deathwing (AC)        245

Deathwing (CML)    235

And then ? Probably a gunboat DN (ML/PC or ML/TLAC or Mortis if allowed), or maybe a really small Ravenwing squadron to flank and use the homing beacon for the Termis… 750 is a bit "tight" to field an effective force, but it's where we're starting the league…