Thursday, January 27, 2011

It’s a few weeks out, but…

Local Tourney coming up in a few weeks… We run leagues in the store with a tournament at the end of an 8 week league, so this is the end of our "escalation league"… I've been doing fairly well with my Consecrators "Deathwing" force so far, but we're only at the 1000 point level, I have very little experience at the Tournament's level of 1500 points… So, is a second HQ even worth it at the 1500 point level? I considered running something fairly "standard" at least more "old school DW" like this:

Belial (TH/SS or LC)

Librarian (TDA, Combi melta?)

Deathwing "Command Squad" (CML, 2 TH/SS, LC, Apoth)

Deathwing squad (as above)


Land Raider Crusader

Land Raider

Land Speeder Typhoon


But my concerns are that the Librarian is really expensive for a 2 wound "might be useful" model, only 2 "Troops" squads and the Land Raiders are not all THAT hard for a lot of forces to take down when push comes to shove… Still might win a few by virtue of being so compact and tightly focused, just more likely to be destroyed for the same reason I think… That and the LRC I "have" is actually a MK I Land Raider I am converting to a Spartan class LR with magnetized weapons… I SHOULD be able to get it done by then, but…


My other initial thought was just Terminator Saturation:

Belial (TH/SS)

4 squads of Deathwing, one w/Apoth, all with: CML, 2 TH/SS, LC, etc…

DN (Gunboat, TLAC or PC and ML)

Ravenwing Attack Squadron (2 Melta, Attack bike w/MM)

Land Speeder Typhoon


I've been REALLY liking the Deathwing Assault combined with the Ravenwing's teleport homers allowing me to simply place the deep strikers exactly where I want them (Also a BA player, the Drop pods w/ beacons are HUGE for my DoA lists)… It's surprised a fair number of people locally and allowed me to put my people in the best possible defensive positioning to take and hold objectives… Then just hold until time runs out really… Down sides being: Only 2 vehicles and Terminators are not THAT hard to kill, especially with the new DE 5th ed "star cannon" (Yes, I remember that far back when the Eldar came out in 3rd ed with the Star Cannons that just wiped Marine armies off the tables using them…) or just massed AT firepower… Up sides being: 4 troops that are not easy to kill, all fearless so, no worries about running away or IG PBS silliness, fair amount of long range firepower, etc…