Monday, January 17, 2011

Second Stage of the League

Mkay, made it through the first stage of the League (the 750 point level) with one win and a draw… Now we're up to the 1000 point level. So, I can bring more than the 2 squads and Belial out to play… I've also got to remember to just play the mission. Wound up with a draw because I broke cover with the one squad to engage and destroy a Rhino full of basic Chaos Marines. Well, that I ignored my rule of "Missile Launchers shall ONLY fire krak missiles"… With the updated rules for the Cyclone, I can get the 2 shots/turn, and while I was able to cover 7 of them with frag templates and do 5 wounds, I went away with NO kills. Compared to the potential just kill 2/turn, I would have wiped the squad much quicker had both squads maintained fire discipline and just shot from the objectives…


Anyway, more magnets picked up, more Thunder Hammers and Shields ordered, so I plan on making more swappable Deathwing models… So, next week, I'll be running something along these lines:

Belial (TH/SS)     130

Deathwing "Command Squad": Cyclone, Apothecary, mix of TH/SS, LC, SB/PF     265

Deathwing Squad: Cyclone, mix of weapons    235

Ravenwing Squadron: 2 Plasma Guns, Attack bike with MM, PF on SGT 225

Dreadnaught (Plasma/Missile or TLAC/Missile) 135


Might work out better…