Sunday, June 12, 2011

New League…

Well, Joe is running the league, so it should be interesting… Near as I can tell, we're looking at a 200 point mini game and then an 1800 normal game… I'm switching back to my Fleshtearers for this league.. Not sure what I'll bring for the 200 point "patrol", but I'm looking at this for the 1800:


Librarian (Unleash Rage, Blood Lance?)    100

Terminator Assault Squad (3 TH/SS, 2 LC)    490

    Land Raider Crusader (EA/MM)

Scout Squad (10, ML, 5 SR, SGT w/SR/PF locator beacon)    200

Death Company (5, Jump packs, 2 PF/bolter)    225

DC DN (Drop Pod, Locator Beacon)    170

Baal Predator (HB sponsons)     145

Predator (AC, LC sponsons)    135

Vanguard Vet (5, PF and 4 power weapons, jump packs) 235


Leaves me 100 points, so 2 Attack bikes or a HB attack bike and a speeder maybe? Dunno, I'm really liking the attack bikes… A little light on "scoring" units since the DC cannot score, they're just there to kill things… Maybe put the Librarian in Terminator armor w/ Storm Shield and get one attack bike… Might be amusing…


On the bike front, just about done tuning her up and getting used to running at "road speeds", so 45-55 mph… Hopefully RT 45 will be done North of Tolono early this week before I mostly ride to work… Next year's parking tags go on sale the 16th, so that's when I can park without worry about tickets, I hope…