Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Eldar next week...

Not sure who I'll be playing next week, but doing a bit of painting, etc...  Thinking of fielding:

Scorpions (Exarch w/ sabers, Shadowstrike and Stalker)
Dire Avengers (8+ Exarch w/Bladestorm in Serpent)
My ancient Vampire class DN (EML/Scatter Laser)
Dark Reapers (Exarch w/ EML/Fast Shot or Tempest/Crack Shot)
Swooping Hawks (Exarch w/ Skyleap and one of the neat weapons)
+ ?

The Farseer kitted out the way I'd use them would be over 150 points, and Eldrad comes to 210 for a version far better in every aspect I think...  So, sadly, seems almost a no brainer for me, unless for whatever reason I am fielding 2 cheap Farseers just for the extra bodies I guess...

The rest?  Well, breaking out some of the REALLY rarely seen things just to give them a shot...  Might surprise some of the lads...  More likely to make a neat multi colored mist as they explode from anything more powerful than harsh language :-)  But might be fun all around...