Thursday, January 5, 2012

January, what next?

Well, I might break out one of the "several" ancient Eldar DN's I have to convert over to be a Wraithseer...  Horribly overpriced it would seem from first glance, but I do sort of wonder what I could do with one...  Rules are "OK", nothing really overpowering it seems, but might be a bit of a surprise hitting the modern tables at the Gopher...  So, Green Stuff and time...  Looks like I'll have a bit of time someday :-)

Glad my wife doesn't wander down to the basement much :-)...  My armies are taking up more of the space as I try to figure out what I actually have...  And I'll probably switch over to Eldar for the next league, so digging them up and fixing various broken things...  I now have 5 of the ancient "Ghost Warriors" to fill out my Wraith Guard...  Good enough for local stuff, but not sure if that would fly elsewhere...  Might, it IS a GW model and it is what the WG started out as...  So, my lads will come out of retirement yet again...  :-)  The Warp Hunter will be a bit of a shock for both turns it survives, but it will be fun I think...