Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1500 point FoW?

Well, not sure the "real" point level things get played at, guessing 2000, but I'll start with a 1500:

From the "D-1" book, 82nd Airborne being one of the places I ended up briefly when I played Army...

1 Company HQ (+3 Bazooka Teams) 95
Parachute Rifle Platoon   (3 Rifle Squads) 365
Parachute Rifle Platoon   (3 Rifle Squads) 365
Parachute Machine-Gun Platoon (2 sections + 2 Bazooka Teams) 240
Parachute Mortar Platoon (2 Sections + 2 Bazooka Teams) 190
Glider Light Anti-Tank Platoon (3 Gun Sections, 57mm upgrade, 3 Bazooka Teams) 120
Glider Field Artillery Battery (3 Gun Sections) 120

Kind of min/maxing adding Glider stuff into the Parachute company I guess, but no real point bringing a 37mm AT gun to a late war fight I'd be guessing...  Loads of Bazooka Teams, and if they work as they did in 1st ed, kind of a nasty surprise for tanks getting ready to try and roll over my lads...  A little Artillery to keep things honest, a few Mortar tubes in there as well for smoke...  Mind, I have precisely zero experience with 3rd ed FoW, so this is just the way I would go having been trained to do this in "real life"...  I'll have to add in an Engineer Platoon just because that's where I started, and I'll want to use them...  No clue if they have any in game use, but assuming there are mines and the like...