Monday, March 26, 2012

400 point League list...

So, looks like I'll play my old Praetorian IG...

Infantry Platoon:
  LT and 4 SW troopers, either flamers or GL's in a Chimera
  2 Infantry Squads (MG, GL, 2 AC)
Sentinel Squadron (or 2 separate ones)  1 AC, 1 Multi laser
Hydra (+heavy stubber)

400 points of "We shoot things...  A Lot"...  On the plus side, it all fits nicely into one of the cargo racks on the bike (those ancient Armory figure cases fit perfectly) :-)  Up to 3 "Troop" sections in objective games, a crapton of Str 6/7 shots potentially...  But I still think it would die trivially to a lot of things locally...  Whatever, it will be amusing to field 4 vehicles...  I could field a Tech Engineer by dropping one vehicle...  Might be even more amusing overall...  If the Techmarines/Tech Engineers were IC's like the Grey Knight version, I would take them in almost every list...  But it is really hard to justify, especially since none of my "Marine" armies can field the new and improved "Thudd Gun"...  We'll see what happens, and how quickly I get wiped off the table :-)