Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First 6th ed game in, moving on...

Well, got in my first game...  Played a Drop BA force against a REALLY well organized GK force...  In the words of CPL Hicks "We Came, We Saw, We got our Asses Kicked"...  Did not catch the only 50% can be reserved part...  So, my DoA army is really DOA.  Used to be I'd just deploy Scouts with a beacon, Drop Pods with beacons and let the rest drop in...  Now, I cannot do this at all.  So, my army was pretty sub par to start.  Fliers are obnoxious if you do not have them yourself, or some good AAA to knock them down...  My Fleshtearers do not.  Faced off against 2 heavy fliers like that, you NEED something to take them down, throwing a few random shots looking for a series of 6's is simply not going to stop them in time.  Not with them able to "zoom" around 18"-36", firing 4 weapons at full BS (5 with PotMS), knowing they are in general only hit on 6's in return...  Pretty safe all around for them at least.

So, a bit disappointing for my first run through...  But not THAT bad.  Lots of little things that we no doubt did wrong, and that will get worked out over time...  Seems pretty decent all around, with just a few annoyances.

Moving to Eldar for next week...  Simpler I think and with the new way to kill vehicles being glance them a lot, Eldar are set as the kings of Str 6 shooting I think...  The old Warp Spiders who were pretty "bad" in 5th will I think be decent, for now at least...  Gone is the "AP - penalty", and since most vehicles now die to 3 glances...  Well, if you are looking for the "I killed the vehicle" for the result, this will work I think.  Guiding a big unit might even serve as field expedient AA...  Though a guided squadron of War Walkers is looking pretty good right now...  25% cover to get a cover save, immobile no longer kills members, 24 shots at Str 6/turn?  Um, can I put then near Eldrad and Guide them?  Straight averages say I should get 18 Str 6 hits/turn at ground targets...  Might even get 6-7 hits when playing AAA shooting at fliers...  Still not good against an AV 12 flyer really, but might be the best I have for a while.

WRT psychics, I think keeping Eldrad will be the way to go.  3 powers/turn, I have access to them all...  Not sure if there is still a restriction about one shooting psy power/turn...  Might be amusing if not with Mind War sniping targets...  But in any case, Pathfinders are going to be weird with their rifles getting AP 1 for 5+ to hit and AP 2 for 6 to wound...  Oh, and on the 6 to hit they choose their target for the AP 1 shot...  So, foot armies might be in trouble...  "Look Out Sir" rolls for characters giving a 4+ save I guess if I snipe characters, but heavy weapons, etc.?  Yeah, that will be harder...  I also kind of wonder if Haywire grenades are one of the "can be thrown" types (Edit, YES, they are one that can be thrown)...  My ancient Hawks might be able to hit the field if they can just drop in, throw a few grenades and virtually guarantee destroying a Land Raider or the like...  Then hopefully leap away :-)...  Who knows, they might work until people realize what I am doing with them...  And if I am reading the FAQ correctly, the Warlock "honor guard" is a separate unit, so I could get them too...  So maybe jet biking or maybe just walking...

Dunno, but pretty sure it's Eldar next week as I can fit them more easily into my bike's luggage :-)