Friday, July 27, 2012

Fleshtearers starting Monday...

So, looking at taking these lads out...

Gabriel Seth (Will ride in the LR w/ his guards)
Chaplain (Jump Pack, Power Fist)
Death Company  (7, Jump Packs, 2 x Faust)
Death Company DN
Scout Squad (10, 9 Sniper Rifles, SGT w/ Faust, Heavy Bolter)
Sternguard (10, 6 Combi Melta 4 Combi Plasma)
  Drop Pod (Locator Beacon)
Vindicator (Siege Shield)
Honor Guard (Various weapons, Medic)
  Land Raider (Pintle MM)

so, since I can only reserve half of my force, I think I can customize what I drop in on turn 2...  Drop pod on turn 1 with the beacon, maybe it even survives...  Meanwhile the Sternguard can combat squad, and shoot the hell out of something they've dropped on top of...  Mind, it really works best as player 2, and hopefully against someone who brought a small number of high value targets...

Being able to pre-measure now, with the exception of the Scouts and Vindi, I CAN drop the rest of the firce in...  BA can Deep Strike their Land Raiders if I feel like being silly...  Unfortunately, I can only drop in 50%...  So, the Raider is unlikely...  Probably start it behind something, hide the Vindi behind a building, the DC DN behind one of those :-)  Scouts do their thing...  DC will probably drop in, or maybe be my backfield security if I drop the Raider in...

Not sure what to about aircraft really...  And my Psy defense consists of hoping they roll 11+, or I roll lots of 6's :-)