Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drop armies are out...

So, my drop armies are out with the new ruleset...  But I think I can play a hyper aggressive "almost drop" armies...  Dark Angels with an Aegis line, manned by a Tac squad, a Ravenwing Squadron or three for the Scout and Teleport Homers...  I still have the Deathwing Assault rule and so can have half of my DW drop in the first turn, most likely without risk of deviation or "bad things happening"...  Chances are good that on turn 2 most of the rest of my reserves come in...

Always been a fan of General Patton, found this the other day, heard most of them, but not ever all collected:

Gen. George S. Patton's Commandments:

Do everything that you ask of those you command.
Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Do not fear failure.
Do more than is required of you.
Do not take counsel of your fears.
Always go forward.
Take calculated risks.
Give credit where it is due.
Accept full responsibility for the actions of yourself and your men.

Kind of applies to a lot of the way I play...  Well, to be fair, how I live :-)  I had an excellent Squad Leader when I was off playing Army, and he showed me how to actually be a leader.  Was kind of important with me deploying directly to a combat zone almost right out of Basic...  But back on topic :-)  40K, like a LOT of other war games, rewards aggressive play...  The DW assault combined with the Ravenwing should provide a pretty good Alpha Strike, and camp my Fearless Troops (Terminators) in the enemy DZ and/or on objectives...  Melta and missiles should allow me to claim First Blood regularly...  Locally at least hitting hard and fast has the effect of keeping a lot of the players WAY off their game.  My FT army I think could do something similar, Vanguard Vets assaulting out of Deep Strike, the rest of the army just kind of surging forward...  Not as well mind :-)  and losing the ability to hold my whole army off the field hurts a lot...  Gone are the days of the Ju Jitsu "I'll go second" and counter strike...

The other side of this coin I find the Eldar...  Everyone else seems to play them as a fast, mobile army...  Me, I use them as a slow army based on aggressive Heavy Infantry marching right up the field...  Yes, I have fast flankers, but the basis of the army is the Brick marching up the field.  Pathfinders by and large do not move, Wraithlords and War Walkers move with the Brick, but not really too rapidly honestly...  So, like a river of ice I think...  Slow, flowing with the ebb and tide of the battle, but always moving in the direction they need to...

Guess I'll be testing out a few armies over the next few weeks...  I think I will be trying the "book" Psy powers...  I do suspect that in the long term those will be the ones that the armies get as their books get released....  Best to get used to them I think.