Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Dipping" minis :-)

Finishing up my Scouts (Sniper, camo cloaks) and I have to say that the Min Wax treatment is certainly looking pretty good...  So, the lads are drying now, just need to finish the Heavy Bolter and put some foliage and rocks and the like for them then seal them with a matte I think...   Starting to hit the Assault Troopers as well, and I think the Sternguard are about ready to get hit as well.  Just detail work remaining like painting the combi weapons, packs, etc...  

Keeping a few odd things like one of the Sternguard has a Tac Squad marking on his shoulder pad...  I really want to keep the fluff of a dying Chapter, and the lads getting promoted REALLY quickly and with results mattering way more than the uniforms, etc...  Not sure many people not familiar with the Fleshtearers would understand it, but I like it :-)....  Getting closer to actually having a Drop pod as well...

Looking at what to play next week...  Mephiston may make an appearance (thanks to again!) along with:

Scouts (full squad, snipers, heavy bolter, SGT w/ PF)
Assault Squad (full squad, Melta Gun, Plasma Pistol, SGT w/PP and PW of some sort)
Death Company (5, jump packs, 2 Power Axes)
DC DN (Flamer, grapple maybe?)
Sternguard (full squad, drop pod, 6  combi meltas, 4 plasma)
Sanguinary Priest (jump pack, ?)

Then it gets to the "maybe":
DN with either 2 TLAC or the TLAC/Assault Cannon
Baal Predator with HB sponsons and maybe the flame turret...  Seeing a LOT of 3+ armor lads camping in the backfield, so flanking...

So, a bit more long range firepower, but overall a REALLY fast army to go camp on the other side of the table...  Should be fun to play at the least...  Not sure what o do for AAA, so that is a bit of a concern depending on opponent...  Meph has access to 3 powers if I go with the book ones, and Telepathy might work...  Hallucination or Puppet Master could be REALLY awesome against certain armies, and Invisibility could well be what gets a assaul unit across the table... Divination is another one that could be really nice...  We'll see what I end up facing...