Monday, August 6, 2012

Fleshtearers for today...

Well, I'll either be fielding my army that I brought last week or:

Reclusiarch (Jump Pack, PF) 170
Death Company ( Jump Packs, 2 PF/Bolter) 295
DC DN (Fists, Magna Grapple, pod w/ beacon) 185
Scout Squad (10, 8 sniper rifles, HB or ML, SGT w/PF sniper rifle) 175
Assault Squad (hand flamer or PP, SGT w PF/hand flamer) 370
  Land Raider (MM)  (225)
Sternguard (10 in Drop Pod, 6 Melta, 4 plasma combi, pod has beacon)  350
Sang Priests (1 BP/PW to run with Assault Squad, 1 basic to run with Scouts) 115
Whirlwind  90

Aegis line and AAA  100

The Whirlwind is just there because I had 90 points :-)  Could I suppose go for Speeder or a pair of Attack Bikes in the future...  Basically, going to abuse the Aegis and the Scouts with Camo Cloaks to get really good cover saves, the Sang Priest can man the AA gun for the BS 4.  WW can sit behind a building and chuck Ord...  Weak Ord, but Ord, one round that ignores cover saves....  Between that and the Sternguard's rounds that can, thinking that I can pin/destroy important things hidden away on the weaker armies like IG and...  Well, OK, IG :-)  Maybe Tyranids, but...  Sternguard can either suicide in, or set up in cover and shoot special rounds...  Land raider?  Well, mostly just to scare people who think AC/ML are going to work for AT...

:-)  Might even work, who knows...  FAST, aggressive, and fits my play style, so I think I can make it work against a fair number of things...