Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Slight change for next week...

Thinking of bringing a slight change in leadership next week:

CPT Tycho
Sanguinary Priests (2, 1 PW, 1 Jump Pack)
Scout Squad (9 snipers, SGT w/PF, ML or HB)
Assault Squad (10, flamer, Melta, SGT w/PP & PW)
Death Company (jump packs, 5, 2 Power Axes)
Baal Pred (HB sponsons, flamer or TLAC?)
Sternguard Squad (Drop Pod, 5 Combi-Melta, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 H Flamer)
Assault Squad (Razorback w/ TLAC, LasPlas or TLLC, Melta Gun)

Aegis line with the Quad Gun

So, same basic premise with some un-named CPT from one of the 4 remaining Companies of the Fleshtearers using CPT Tycho's stats...  Still not sure what the AP of "The Dead Man's Hand" is, but I'll play it as AP 3 since it has a few special rules, etc...  I have one of the ancient "Blood Angels" Captains that I have quickly modified the Bolter to be a Combi-Melta, so should be quick and easy to paint up to get him to the tabletop.  Won't be that nice "golden" color, but I am liking the way the brass is looking after the Min-Wax/Matte spray, so probably the way to go as a Fleshtearers CPT.

Still debating with myself about the whole "model to advantage" of the Power Weapons in this edition...  So far it seems that for the normal Assault squad, Swords are the way to go.  The Death Company has the Power Axes already, and the Chaplain is stuck with the Power Maul unless I add the Power Fist...  The Medics (Sanguinary Priests)?  Tried Power Maul for the Str 7 on the Charge, but the Plague Marines Joe fielded simply shrugged it all off with the AP 4 and FnP rolls...  Not sure a Power Axe will be worth it dropping the I to 1, but with CPT Tycho might be the option I wind up going with for something AP 2 in there...  I'm just not seeing enough 2+ armor locally at least so the Swords are appearing to be the best here at least for Marines...  IG are getting Mauls or Axes I think.  Still irked that Logan Grimmar most likely gets hosed with his magic Axe...

Otherwise, the Whirlwind makes it's reappearance...  I think Ordinance Barrage Sniping is going to be JUST that annoying, picking off specific models.  To say nothing of the IG/DE/Necron armies I am seeing all over the place here, AP4 or AP 5 with no cover save is REALLY powerful against them, allowing me to simply erase Command or other important targets.  And with the casualties coming from the center of the blast, I can get Heavy Weapons, SGTs, etc...  90 points in a BA army, so a bit pricey, but I do think it will be worth it.

Second Assault Squad in a Razorback replacing the overpriced Tactical Squad.  Yes, the Razorback will probably be easy to kill, but twin linking the LC or more likely the Assault Cannons on the Fast platform makes for an emergency AA gun since there are a few armies with a lot of fliers locally.  Not entirely sure how they'll be deployed or used, but there are a good number of options here...  And the lads will all be painted, I think that is one of the more exciting things about all this...