Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stand-in for a Storm Talon

Well, I guess I will give the Escort Fighter a shot this week...  Found an old Naboo Fighter from the Star Wars series...  Might be "close enough" to be used as a Storm Talon with the spare flight base I have.  Not ideal, I think I'll find a different fighter...

But in any case, I do think I'll fly it up against the other fliers...  With the Skyhammer missiles, I'm looking at BS 4 and TL AC for the almost guaranteed 4 hits at Str 6 Rending and 3 Str 7 shots.  Hoping to go second of course so I can roll in and catch their aircraft in the air.  I will probably flank a Scout squad to give it a decent shot at catching something in the side.  Still, 155 points for a "Maybe it will get lucky and take down a flier"?  Comparing it to my IG fliers, I have to say it looks bad on paper.  But if the other side does not bring AAA or a flier, it might have a chance to actually throw a bunch of wounds out there...

So the 1500 point force is:
Pedro Kantor
Sternguard Squad (10, HF, 9 Combi Weapons, Drop Pod)
Sternguard Squad (10, HF, 9 Combi Weapons, Drop Pod)
Scouts (Camo Cloaks, Snipers, HB)
Scouts (CCW/BP, a few Shotguns, HB)
Thunderfire Cannon
Storm Talon

And 40 more points...  I do have a Lightning Claw on one of the SG squads SGT for a bit more kick with the Squad escorting the Chapter Master, could drop that I guess and...  Well, likely an attack bike to fill out the points...  But plays as a classic Hammer and Anvil with me holding a fortified ruin and bringing down 20 Sternguard to hammer whatever gets in the way.  Not much lives through THAT many Meltas dropping right on top of them...  So, guess we'll see if I can deal with fliers and hordes.  Guess my "horde" plan is really to use the "No cover Save" weapons I have and just selectively target the leaders...  2-3 IG hordes, and taking their Platoon and Company leadership tends to deal a crushing blow to them.  After the leaders are dead, mostly just cleanup.  :-)  If things go well that is...  Against other things?  Well, shoot lots, hope for the best...