Friday, December 28, 2012

Air Assets and Bases...

Well, beginning to get the Airships built...  Stealing the idea/inspiration from

but going slightly different in a few respects...  I am basing mine on:

HMS Aphid Class, HMS Wasp

Though the HMS Dauntless might be an interesting one as well...  Have to see what I feel like doing...  Space 1889 for the pictures of course, thought that particular style fit the Praetorian IG.

I have a bit of free time in the shop with no one else around :-)  So, being given free reign over the scrap wood there and all the tools to knock out a mess of 60mm bases and a few decks at the least...  Press-board seems like it will be light enough and certainly sturdy enough to base the model on.  I have balso scraps to build the deck house and make planks I think for the deck...

But first things first, realizing I need another dozen or so bases for my mass o Heavy Weapon crews...  Guess I never really considered just how MANY of them I really could field...  Plus side, with the drill press I can knock them out really quickly once I get it all set up...  Thanks again to Eric for the attachment for thet!