Monday, December 17, 2012

"Am I Stupid?" Apparently :-)

The repaint of the Praetorians continues apace...  20 fully painted, another 80 or so in various stages of painting.  All of them have paint on them, stripping complete, kind of glad I never really finished any of this before with the watercolors coming off in the industrial strength de-greaser.

Now I just need to come up with an army to play :-)  Oh, and decide if I am fielding the "Hydra", building the Airship as a Valkyrie/Vendetta, tanks, etc...  Ogres are pretty much out I think unless we go to sill high point levels.  They don't die easily, just no sure they DO enough to justify their cost.  Artillery, yes...  But how much I guess and will that be my focus?  Powerful, but I think boring.  I snagged a 1/32 scale WWII M-16 to use as a stand in Hydra.  Looks OK, and with my repainting the vehicles in WWII American colors, it fits...  The M-2's (.50 Machine guns, M-2 Brownings, the track had 4 of them in a turret, set up for AA support of the Armored columns) are a bit small for "40K scale" so will swap them out in the long run.  The 4 M-2's will become "Heavy Stubbers" on other vehicles.

Airship project is getting revived too...  I'll have access to the shop over break so will be cutting the pattern for the hull out of a this press-board or the like.  Going to be a bit different than the other versions out there as I am basing it on a Wasp class flier rather than the Aphid I think...  A bit longer I think, but it should look OK when I get her done.

Sadly, I also repainted one of my RT Era Assault Marines as a Grey Hunter...  Looks pretty good, and I think they'll get the same treatment once this project is done or I just move on :-)...