Sunday, April 6, 2014

Motorcycles are great... When they work :-)

Lost the chain tensioner on my nice shiny Honda Magna...  Heard an odd sound then lost power, so I signaled and pulled off to the side of the road.  REALLY glad I was only a 1/4 mile or so from the entrance to my neighborhood.  Pushed it home.  So, got in a really good workout it seems, but my old bike looks like it is the only working one at the moment.  And it looks like this will be the last chain driven bike I have, I REALLY like the shaft drive and will be getting an old Goldwing I think in the longer term, something from 84-87 with the 1200cc engines.  Has about the right mix for me of power and reliability without being way overpowered like the Magna is.

Gearing up for my Crimson Fists to hit the field for the Kill Team league, running a five man Tactical Squad with a heavy weapon of some sort, Missile Launcher or Heavy Plasma.  Also a 5 man Scout Squad with sniper rifles a Heavy Bolter and the Land Speeder Storm to move the lads around if needed or to get in some quick kills with either the Heavy Flamer or the Multi Melta if I need to swap...  We'll see how they do.

Star Trek is the other one I'll be playing tomorrow...  My Klingons will be hitting the field as I now have the whole fleet I intend to use...  3 ships, fairly simple, we'll see how they do against Joe's Dominion Battleships...