Thursday, April 17, 2014

Star Trek Attack Wing...

So, looking very much like the game I'll be focusing on more in the near term.  Saw that the IG had come out, but to be honest I haven't played them in years now.  My Praetorians look OK, just gets repetitive painting essentially the same 6 figures over and over and over :-)...  Lot of bodies in a Light Rifles Company...  I don't know, they are just boring to me.  It is NOT that I could not do well with them, quite the opposite.  Having had professional experience commanding actual troops at this level, I have a pretty good grasp of the tactics and usage of the tools they bring to the table.  Mortars, massed fire, real Artillery and metric crap-tons of Heavy Weapons with effective leaders directing their fire.  Got it.  Oh, and close air support.  Yup, got it.  Just really nothing but math I can do in my head, the game is decided more or less when I have built my list and see what is across the table.  A few "power" lists that might be a challenge to fight, but most will just be going through the motions of removing the enemy from the field with the greatest precision I can manage.  I do suspect that if nothing changes, IG will be part of many of the "power" lists going forward.  Loads of scoring bodies, the ability to manage Kill Points if needed, not a lot of weaknesses that cannot be covered in some way by the book.  I know the big rumor is a revamping of the Ally system, essentially removing the "Battle Brothers" where most of the truly abusive combinations lie...  We'll see.  I'm not holding out any hope personally, I just feel the game is reaching a point where it no longer interests me.

Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW) on the other hand...  I've picked up the game and enough ships to get a really good start.  Klingons are my primary focus, they are pretty straightforward with a heavy focus on attack.  Cloaking on most of their ships and some really strong Captains and crew.  Probably not the best way to do it, but I am playing mostly Faction Pure...  At least at the ship level.  I see the Klingons, Romulans and Federation as the factions I will play and as they all fought alongside each other at various times...  Specifically against the Dominion, one of the other factions.  Event locally at the Gopher Sunday, but as it is Easter Sunday unlikely I will be going.

So, next month there is a Thollian Web event.  Looks interesting and looking at the scenario I see a few obvious things.  The basic choice is to either rush forward and kill the enemy before the web closes, so in the first 4-5 turns.  A Klingon Fleet would probably do very well here.  The other option is Cloaked Mines and a maneuverable fleet.  I have one Cloaked Mine, several other Mine cards and some decently maneuverable ships.  Does however seem to be one or the other though.  I think I will be getting in some games next week, testing a few builds.  Glad I got in on the last part of the Dominion War OP so I have pretty much all of the Resource things like Flagship, Dice, etc...  Both fighters, but as one is a Dominion one I'll not play it.  Feds though...  Flagship makes some of the things REALLY powerful for 10 points.  Think we are staying at 100 points though it looks like Wizkids is suggesting moving to 120 points...  We'll see :-)...  Getting into the game at an interesting time.