Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7th ed 40K Escalation League and Borg OP for STAW

So, I guess I will see how silly the seventh edition is...  Not a lot else going on gaming wise at the moment, pick up games of STAW mostly...  Like I said I will likely break out my old Cygnar stuff to get in some games.  Cheap option as I have a really big force from first edition of that game...  Just not entirely sure where they all are in the Basement of Doom ™... I hesitate to think how much I spent on that game, though they did a good job getting cheap/free stuff to the Volunteers back in the old days...  Still, I suspect I can field quite a large force of them...

But back on target as the caffeine hits...  I think I will break out my Fleshtearers again.  They are just odd enough not many people currently playing remember them really and some of the rules in the current edition work well for them.  Yes, they are coated WAY high given their book was written two editions ago and early in that one I think...  Still, Deep Striking onto objectives and having the only things AFAIK that can Assault out of Reserve might make it possible to get in a few quick victories...  League rules for "fully painted" are a breeze as my lads have been repainted since their last book...  I think a few Vehicles need finishing but there will be a LONG time before we get to that level...  I know I have my Jump Troops (20+) and Sternguard ready with all of the HQ options I would use...  Death Company, more than I can field at this level, and "a few" Dreadnought options...  The Sanguinary Guard I picked up in a random trade are not painted but I am unlikely to use them...  Storm Raven is ready and it is still looking amazing in this edition I think...  I do not have the "real" model, just a mod I made, but it looks good I think...  So I am confident that I have a decent force for 1500 point battles...  And we will see I guess...

Have the Borg OP coming up in a few weeks at the Gopher, so looking at a few options for Fed and Dominion:

Dominion Borg 1

4th Division Battleship (36)
Gul Dukat (5)
Boheeka (2)
Omet'Iklan (5)
Dorsal Weapons Array (3)
Ship SP: 51

Koranak (26)
Gul Evek (2)
Remata'Klan (4)
Cloaking Device (4)
Tetryon Emissions (3)
Ship SP: 39

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder

The BB can guarantee 2 hits with the Primary weapon...  Starting at 6 Dice, 7 at Range 1, seems like a fairly decent damage output for that.  The Cloaking Keldon class vessel has some potential to do a 5 Dice attack to 2 targets (6 at Range 1) from cloak...  Between the 2, I should be able to throw down a lot of damage to a few targets...  Like to kill one/turn if I can catch them...  And since those ships are among the fastest in the game...

Working on a Federation build as well....  Will make the "game time" decision I suppose WRT the build I use...  Locally, the TO is allowing us to bave a few builds ready so depending on the blind pull as we are playing "faction pure" otherwise...  No real advantage for the most part, but a lot of us would rather play that way than the "all stars" builds...

Motorcycle front...  Not a lot.  Vacation last week, catching up this week.  Need to get the Title straightened up for the Magna to sell that one.  Great bike, but not for me...  The Silverwing is still chugging along.  Hope to get the both sold and a Goldwing to replace, so we'll see I guess...