Monday, August 25, 2014

Grey Knights, Assassins and Borg... Oh My :-)

So, Assassins AND Grey Knights Codexes (Codii?) BOTH dropped this week.  Along with a THIRD Wolf book?  Looks like just a painting guide…  Just my opinion of course, but the releases are just coming WAY too quickly.  Or at least for my gaming budget.  Frankly pretty much ANY realistic gaming budget I think.  Looking over the releases, the Assassins are REALLY overpowered.  OK, on the surface at least.  The Psycher killer just removing blessings, etc. will deal with the Invisibility stupidity that is pretty rough…  And of course Demons, Eldar  and ironically, Grey Knights will all greatly fear this thing.  The Vindicare is still packing the giant AT rifle…  Against Vehicles, it is Str 10 AP 2, with a BS of…  Well, BS J..  Ignores Cover with everything…  Silly, but that does seem the Direction GW is pushing the game at this point.

Ironically, the Grey Knights seems like a pretty decent, balanced Codex…  Vehicles are no longer Psychers, the weird grenades are mostly gone, the Inquisition and Assassins are separate books now…  So I no longer feel like an idiot for playing actual Grey Knights in a Grey Knight army.  The “normal” GK force was Psybolt ammo for the Rhinos and DNs with a few min sized squads of normal humans riding/hiding inside.  Psybolt is gone too…    The "Psilencer" is now a high number of shots and Force, so potentially Instant Death?  Eh...  So, a decent Marine book.  Pretty good overall, but really it is just a minor update to the 5th Ed book if I’m being honest…  NO new units, just updating the rules for the 2 edition jump forward.  Worth $50?  Sorry, not really for me at this point.  Can I play the army?  Sure, frankly I find this a far better book than the Wolves one, and that pains me to say as a long time Wolf player.  So, good I guess but really nothing that I think will be the Paper to the existing Rock in the old Rock/Paper/Scissors game…  Sure, you can build unbound list and replicate a 5th edition GK army I guess, but the whole “unbound” thing is just silly in my opinion…

So, the Borg OP 2 is coming up Sunday so here are a few of the Fleets I am looking at playing:

List Name

Galaxy Class (26)
Ship SP: 26

U.S.S Sutherland (26)
Ship SP: 26

U.S.S Excelsior (26)
Mr. Spock (4)
Dmitri Valtane (3)
Photon Torpedoes (5)
Ship SP: 38

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder

Klingon Borg 90 2

Resource: Flagship Independent (Klingon) (10)

Vor'cha Class (26)
Gowron (4)
Ship SP: 30

I.K.S. ChTang (22)
Martok (6)
Flagship (0)
Ship SP: 28

K'T'Inga Class (22)
Ship SP: 22

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder

Federation is a straightforward move up, shoot at Range 2-3 and shuffle up and back until time or we die…  Not subtle, but it is built with ships I actually have at the moment, so it has that going for it…  I won a raffle for the Ch’Tang on one of the STAW Facebook groups, so that one may be here in time for me to play that Fleet…  It has a LOT of damage potential I think with the ships having 7, 6 and 7 Attack dice respectively, with potential re-rolls, etc…  Hoping for my fourth ship to be Klingon of course as well to completely synergize and throw metric craptons of attack dice against the cube before dying well…  VERY Klingon J….