Thursday, September 18, 2014

Journeyman League at the Gopher! Oh, and STAW in a few weeks...

So, made it through the first week of the league...  I played a modified or alternate version of the box set...

Lt Caine

So far was "Eh" at best...  Such a small force, with huge and glaring weaknesses.  Main one is of course a complete lack of HtH ability.  Anything that can get to me will simply crush poor LT Caine.  No gunfighter on this one, so he is just SOL should pretty much ANYTHING engage him.  So he got crushed by Joe's Gorten and Tim's Skorne monster.  Got lucky and was able to snipe Tom's caster, but I think another turn he would have been in charge range.

Next week we go to 15 points with the above models mandatory...  Since that comes to 10 points, I am pretty much stuck.  Almost all of my "Units" start at 6 points.  I'd not use the Ironclad if I had a choice I think...  So I guess I bring a few Solos like a Gun Mage CPT Adept and Journeyman perhaps?  Maybe the mechanic to repair stuff...

Big STAW event coming up, so getting ready...  Since I will not play Borg, I will I think bring a Federation ship to try to kill the Borg.  The Voyager is the only one at this point I think that can.  This is pretty well maxed out, and it is actually a higher CPT Skill than the 10 of the Borg...

Fed Borg OP3 2

Resource: Flagship Independent (Romulan) (10)

USS Voyager (30)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
Flagship (0)
Cheat Death (5)
Cheat Death (5)
Adm. James T. Kirk (5)
Montgomery Scott (5)
Hikaru Sulu (3)
Elizabeth Shelby (2)
Tom Paris (4)
Transphasic Torpedoes (10)
Multi-Adaptive Shields (5)
Ship SP: 80

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder

Every other turn I control the Cube, so I know it will NOT attack me (unless there are no ships in range but my own) and I can use Scott for an offensive punch (+2 Attack sice), and Sulu on the turns I need to defend.  On Defence, I have 8 dice with re-rolls and the free BS... Should net me a decent number of evades.  And then I have the 2 Cheat Death cards to play to buy an extra 3-4 turns.  Scott can repair shields to get the Multi-Adaptive Shields back online.  Only one shot with the Torpedoes, likely for the 12 dice, so I'll have to make that count against the 25 Hull cube that gets stronger as it takes Damage...  Still not sure this is a winnable scenario but this looks like the best chance I have.,