Saturday, June 13, 2015

Engine, Diesel, One Each

Engine, Diesel, one each….  It is very important to be specific when you are asking for something.  The Engine comment is something that I ordered back when I was in the Army.  See, we just got back from our first combat deployment and we were engaged in a major overhaul of our equipment.  Now, I got bored pretty easily and we had access to the “big book of things” that did contain pretty much EVERY thing we could possibly order.  We needed to replace the engine pack for our M-113.  Well, in reading the big book of “stuff” I did come across a listing for “Engine, Diesel, One Each”.  The 113 A2 was in fact powered by a Diesel engine.  So, it MIGHT have made sense that one could order just the engine.  You couldn’t, there was an Engine Pack with the differentials, etc…  So, I was wanting to see just how far it would go before someone caught the “error” when I ordered the Engine.  If one were to read the whole description in the book, one might have made the connection and realized that there was something else called a Diesel Engine.  A train for instance.  So…  Nothing came in for a few days, then Division HQ called our CO to let him know that, “Yes, we do have one.  Where would you like it delivered, and by the way, why does a line combat Engineer Company need a train?”…  Never did get the train J…  CO had a darn good idea who actually ordered the train, and as punishment I was promoted to the “Training NCO” for the Company… 

So, applied for a few other jobs at the University.  Things with “Director” in the job title.  Guess it is about time I actually get an actual “Management” job since I’ve actually been doing it for a few years now and have been in formal training and schooling (MS in IT).  There is a great deal of talk about a lot of the IT on Campus going to a more central model.  From my perspective iiff this is done right, it will work.  Problem is that I feel like “Big Joe”, Telly Savalis’ character from “Kelly’s Heroes” yelling at Kelly about him “counting on the Artillery to be ON TIME and ON TARGET, when they have yet to be”…  So, since there is pretty much nowhere to go in my current organization until things shake out with the new “Executive Director” for us…  If it ends up being the one I hope, then there is a possibility of moving up here…  Assuming of course I do not end up taking another position elsewhere before…  Since EVERYTHING moves at the speed of committee here…  We’ll see I guess.  I know I am a finalist for one position, and thinking my resume at least looks good for a few others… 

Gaming wise, in 40K the Space Marines are getting another new Codex…  Not really sure how much has changed really…  Free transports if you follow the Force Org chart for Companies and Demi Companies (?), so I expect there will be some broken builds involving that.   So, my Crimson Fists could hit the field again and probably have a decent chance…  Eh, I may get around to painting again soon.  The 30K Wolves I had been painting are looking pretty good, and I hear that Book 5 or the Horus Heresy series is out…  Still Wolf free, so not really all that excited about it.  So, thinking that painting and perhaps gaming cycle will begin again soon.  The basement cleaning will continue and will see about building a shared hobby space for my wife and I…

Pool opening soon…  Filter basket did not survive the winter, so that has to be replaced…  I really do not like swimming these days…  I did once, but some of my time playing Army killed that as well for me…  And looking for the weather to clear so I can ride the Silverwing again…

But all things considered, things are going quite well…

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

STAW, and is it June already?

So, we finished up the "Resistance is Futile" arc for STAW...  We wound up getting some more players who used to play at the game store in town that just closed...  So, 7 of us and the group is getting back up to close to where we were at our height...  I wound up running a Dominion (Cardassian) fleet since the scenario was pretty much "half the table, no terrain" with the Borg automatically attacking anything that ventured into their half...  So, a straight joust really.  I fielded:

"Shoot like Voting in Chicago"

Resource: Fleet Captain Independent (Klingon) (5)

Koranak (26)
Gul Dukat (5)
FleetCaptain (0)
Unnecessary Bloodshed (0)
Adm. Gul Madred (5)
Boheeka (1)
Breen Aide (1)
Ship SP: 43

Reklar (26)
Sar (1)
Ship SP: 27

Dominion Attack Fighters (20)
Ship SP: 20

Total Build SP: 90

Generated by STAW Builder

The Koranak is a 5 Dice attack that is almost guaranteed to hit with all 5.  The Reklar is "just" 4 Attack, but both have 180 degree firing arcs.  Fighters are starting at a 6 Attack, are HARD to kill and are just really quite good on the table (thanks to my amazing wife for working with the Gopher to get those during the Christmas season :-))...  The build is pretty much my "A" game build, ruthless and effective.  I wound up sweeping the field in each of my 3 games, but they were all close games against pretty good opponents...  Ironically, the one ship that survived in all 3 games was the Reklar...  Not as much a threat, but solid ship.  Glad this is the last of the blind buys though, got pretty old with this round of them being ships I had no interest in...  So, won the Cardassian ship AND the Borg Cube, but traded it off to be sure that Joe got the Cardassian ship as well...  Wanted to be sure that all of the regulars who play the faction have the ship...

But looking good for STAW at the Gopher...  X-Wing is even heading in the right direction there...  Overall looking quite good gaming wise...

Just got back from Universal Studios in FL with the family...  An excellent vacation, highly recommend if you have teenagers to entertain :-)...  Otherwise, moving along with school and job searches...  And still need to replace the windshield of the ancient Silverwing...  Looking forward to riding again at some point...

Friday, June 5, 2015

X-Wing event and STAW the next day... Oh, On Vacation now...

So, X-Wing event coming up

Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-3138
Lone Wolf2
Inertial Dampeners1
Engine Upgrade4
Ship Total: 47
IG-88C — Aggressor36
Push the Limit3
Sensor Jammer4
Heavy Laser Cannon7
Inertial Dampeners1
Ship Total: 53

So, the plan is to have the Firespray on one flank, and the Aggressor on the other staying back for long ranged firepower. The two will meet in the middle somewhere more or less with the Aggressor being annoyingly fast I think. Kath in the Firespray hoping to lure people into her rear arc and getting 4-5 dice attacks with the Tactician and Lone Wolf bonuses…

Going into the STAW event Monday, I will play Dominion I think… Have the Fighters, the Keldon class ship(s) and/or the Galor class ones. The prize ship is another Galor class, but a REALLY good one at least for the way I play that is. So, bringing my closer to “A” game with Joe and I both gunning for the Cardassian ship. We’ll see how it works out, his Dominion fleet is pretty rough to face, he favors the BB class ships, so nothing subtle, but effective.

Actually on vacation now… Took almost a whole week off, something unheard of for me. Gone to the Universal Studios resort in Orlando. It is quite amazing. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter stuff like my wife and daughters (Yes, me too), then this all is a lot of fun. The package deal we got included the “Fast Pass” which is a “bypass main line” card… Not sure if it would be worth it for full price, but it was included and WELL worth it for us. Getting to just walk up to the Hulk roller coaster and be put at the front of the line made it a LOT nicer. Did not apply to say, the HP castle ride, that one everyone had to wait in line for, but we did get early admission to the parks and so we went first thing and only had a 20 minute wait or so… Expensive overall, but since it is a once in a LONG while at least thing… And the girls loved it so J…