Friday, June 5, 2015

X-Wing event and STAW the next day... Oh, On Vacation now...

So, X-Wing event coming up

Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-3138
Lone Wolf2
Inertial Dampeners1
Engine Upgrade4
Ship Total: 47
IG-88C — Aggressor36
Push the Limit3
Sensor Jammer4
Heavy Laser Cannon7
Inertial Dampeners1
Ship Total: 53

So, the plan is to have the Firespray on one flank, and the Aggressor on the other staying back for long ranged firepower. The two will meet in the middle somewhere more or less with the Aggressor being annoyingly fast I think. Kath in the Firespray hoping to lure people into her rear arc and getting 4-5 dice attacks with the Tactician and Lone Wolf bonuses…

Going into the STAW event Monday, I will play Dominion I think… Have the Fighters, the Keldon class ship(s) and/or the Galor class ones. The prize ship is another Galor class, but a REALLY good one at least for the way I play that is. So, bringing my closer to “A” game with Joe and I both gunning for the Cardassian ship. We’ll see how it works out, his Dominion fleet is pretty rough to face, he favors the BB class ships, so nothing subtle, but effective.

Actually on vacation now… Took almost a whole week off, something unheard of for me. Gone to the Universal Studios resort in Orlando. It is quite amazing. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter stuff like my wife and daughters (Yes, me too), then this all is a lot of fun. The package deal we got included the “Fast Pass” which is a “bypass main line” card… Not sure if it would be worth it for full price, but it was included and WELL worth it for us. Getting to just walk up to the Hulk roller coaster and be put at the front of the line made it a LOT nicer. Did not apply to say, the HP castle ride, that one everyone had to wait in line for, but we did get early admission to the parks and so we went first thing and only had a 20 minute wait or so… Expensive overall, but since it is a once in a LONG while at least thing… And the girls loved it so J…