Monday, July 27, 2015

STAW, Gen Con and X-Wing...

Less than a week until we wander over to Indianapolis for Gen Con…  Staying at the Embassy Suites , but NOT the one downtown unfortunately…  Guessing I’ll be at the Con Friday and Saturday trying to get in some gaming Friday and wandering about with the girls on Saturday.  But in the meantime, one last event at the Gopher this evening and looking at running:

Peak Performance Federation 120

U.S.S Excelsior (26)
Jean-Luc Picard (6)
William T. Riker (3)
Montgomery Scott (5)
System Upgrade (2)
Quantum Torpedoes (6)
Ship SP: 48

U.S.S. Reliant (20)
Mr. Spock (4)
Kyle (2)
Photonic Torpedoes (2)
Ship SP: 28

Enterprise NX-01 (16)
Rudolph Ransom (2)
Type 8 Phaser Array (2)
Enhanced Hull Plating (0)
Ship SP: 20

Fighter Squadron 6 (24)
Ship SP: 24

Total Build SP: 120

Generated by STAW Builder

Is a simulation of a simulation as it were…  The scenario ( is one where you are running wargames to try to deal with the overwhelming Borg attack, so simulated and your ships “die” but come back online with 1 fewer shield or one less token in the case of Fighters…  One reason I put on 2 things that can regenerate Shields for me, and one ship is already conviently shield free…  Fighters will be an issue if they get killed too often, but hey, they’re 24 points.

Still trying to come up with a 120 point build for Gen Con, likely be bringing Klingons just for the “We’re here to shoot things” that they are known for…  Simple enough stuff…  Probably 4-5 decent ships, might go for 4 with interlocking bonuses to just move in a block and shoot things out of the sky before dying ourselves…

Looking at the X-Wing stuff, REALLY looking forward to the Wave 7 stuff and hoping they will have a bit at Gen Con, and will order a few of the ships locally…  Looking at the things I can do with the Rebel heavy bomber and the twin laser turrets…  Oh, and the new bomb types J…  Should shake up the meta quite a bit.  One of our locals took a really nice TIE swarm to Chicago over the weekend for Regionals and made top 8…  I suspect that this will be the last hurrah for the TIE swarm though…  Too many things look like hard counters with components from this upcoming wave…