Monday, July 18, 2016

X-Wing Wave 9 soon?

So, two of the official previews are now up for X-Wing Wave 9…  Were I an optimist I might guess that there would be some at Gen Con perhaps there might be some there…  But that IS a bit of a squeeze time wise.  Doesn’t matter for me of course as I’ll not be there in any case.  But the fact that they are going into the detailed previews this soon does lead me to believe that Wave 9 is closer rather than later.  Some of the upcoming upgrades are REALLY looking good.  But then I’m one of the weird players who does like to try out a lot of different things…  I think the question will be just how many of the Wave 9 ships will I be getting.

The Mandalorian ships are REALLY close to my play style.  Fast, aggressive and all about Offence.  Their Defense is actually quite good, but it is only really good if they are moving fast and in close to the enemy… 

The TIE/sf looks like it will be yet another part of a TIE swarm, and I am guessing I’ll be able to fit one in with say Defenders or the Phantom…  Neat, but probably more of  gimmick than  something overpoweringly effective…  But we’ll see.

The ARC-170?  I suspect the same…  Neat, and a lot of fun builds are shaping up…  Might be fun, but I see this as more “interesting” things than overpowered ones.  The Shadowcaster looks to be the same…  We’ll see I guess