Monday, August 15, 2016

Titan Fall League Month 1 AAR

Titan Fall League Month 1 AAR

So…  I flew the 2 Defenders and TIE Bomber…  First game went really well against a Rebel Regen list.  Was one I lent to one of the older players who wandered in without his stuff, and that made it 12 players, so worked out perfectly…  But it does show how my old Regen list has been left far behind.  Poe was hard to pin down, but with the Defenders going fast and boosting a lot, once I got behind the T-70, that was it.  The Y-Wing died first of course as low Agility vs Juke just doesn’t work well.  Miranda with the TLT was harder to track down, but even she just couldn’t move quickly enough to make a difference.

Sadly, that was the LAST time I saw my Agility Dice roll ANYTHING. 

Plus side, I was in the lead…  Minus side next opponent was Tyler.  He flew Whisper/Decimator with Vader AND the Emperor…  Brutal list.  I might have actually made it a game had I rolled even a single Evade over the course of the game, but…  So, it was quickly over.  The EU on my Defenders was good, but I think that the Countess at least kind of needs the PTL upgrade rather than the Juke in this list…  SO many times I would have focused up I think after a Boost or Target Lock to get really high quality shooting  Evade is free and kind of a given, so Juke is nice if I am rolling average…  I did not.

Third game was against Will…  His list was VERY similar to mine.  Countess and Col Vessery with x/7 and Juke backed by Jax in his TIE Interceptor with PTL and AT…  Initial engagement went REALLY well as Deathfire dropped the Proximity Mine ON Jax…  Got 2 hits.  Craptastic.  Needed 3 to kill him and then it would have been a VERY different game…  But alas…  My dice were every bit as cold in this game.  Steele was great, and did a lot of damage…  But it was not enough as Will’s Evades were solid.

Was kind of an odd event…  Top 4 were 2 Whisper/Decimator (Emperor) builds, Will’s Defenders/Jax build and Joel’s Super Dash/Miranda build…  Miranda was kitted out with Homing Missiles and Proton Torpedoes for those potential 5 Dice quality attacks that can do things like ignore Evade tokens…  There was a Z-95 swarm with the Concussion Missiles, but that one I think has likewise been surpassed by the current builds.  TIE Swarm was here, and it was solid, if not enough to deal with the Emperor guiding his Aces…  Another Rebel build with B-Wings, E-Wing and an A-Wing?  I think it needs a bit of work, but solid potential there…  One Brobot build, again solid but…  With only 2 ships it lacks the volume of fire to take down a VERY well protected Ace, and they do eventually get worn down.

No Dengar, in fact NO Jumpmasters at all.  I think the ONLY S&V was the Brobots…  A few Rebels but mostly Imperial Ace builds…  Including my own of course J

I think I fly Rebels next time, so time to get in some time on the B-wings again…  Haven’t flown them since my earliest days in the game…  Solid ship, but SLOW…