Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring 2017 Month 2 AAR

Well, month 2 of the Spring League over at Titan is done…  😀  Lessons learned.  Got in some good games though.  The list I flew was pretty fun to fly.  I had forgotten how agile those Aggressor class ships are.  Agile, but not overly resilient.  Comparing them to the TIE Defenders, they DO have an additional Hull and Shield, but they are large bases and a lot more expensive.  Dials are nice as well, but I found myself turning around a lot more often than I would like to.  S-Loops are decent, and with SO much Green on the dial, easy to recover from, but well know and I suspect that my choice of “Lone Wolf” as the EPT was a poor one.  Honestly, I do not know what I could have swapped it out for in order to make the build better though.  The Lancer was solid.  The K-4 Droid kept me in Target Locks, and the threat of the Stress/Tractor Beam was enough to keep things at a distance.  The Tractor even moved Biggs to Range 1 of the Aggressor (and out of the X-Win’s Arc) to allow me to fire at one of the K-Wings he was Escorting.  To no avail though, I just had some horrible Dice that game and did not push through Damage quickly enough.  He had his K-Wings kitted out as Bombers and they were REALLY effective at that.  In fact, he won when my Lancer did a 3 Bank too close to the edge and got Conner Netted.  Ion Effect meant I had no choice but fly off the board.  He was surprised when I completed the maneuver, stood up and congratulated him on the win…  He did not realize yet that I was off the board the next turn.  Was a good game though and I am REALLY glad to see so many different builds being played locally. 

Played Tony in my second game and since we had practiced this very game the week previously we both assumed it would be a quick one, with the best dice simply winning out.  Was not the case.  I wound up winning, but it was much longer and far closer than either of us thought it would be I think.  The Aggressors were virtual mirrors with his having VI for the better Pilot Skill, but the disadvantages of the YV-666 became apparent.  I also knew the trick of just take the 2 Damage from the YV and do NOT take the additional 2 shots.  But I think it mostly came down to my Agility Dice were simply hot at the beginning at least allowing me to survive the initial joust and get in where I needed to be to get the Damage through.

Game 3 was against Kanji’s new build.  Super(ish) Dash and Poe.  He did not have Kanan or Kyle on as Crew, but rather Rey.  Not sure that was the best one as I was able to get Stress on him and it locked him to Greens to clear.  He did, but that was more of a testament to his flying skill than anything else.  My dice froze on me, allowing him to survive what I knew to be a very deadly crossfire.  His Poe had an interesting effect with the new Pattern Analyzer.  With it and the Push the Limit Elite Talent, it allows you to move, act twice and then clear the Stress generated by PTL if you did a Green.  In addition, what I expected with the Red maneuver and allowing an Action was there as well, but I had not considered the PTL interaction.  It is REALLY good.  Probably bordering on broken good, but I feel PTL is fairly close to the broken status anyway…  So, something to push new life into the T-70’s at least.  Guessing better players than I have an idea or two for the FO TIE fighters as well, but I am pretty much not playing Imperial at this point, so no sense for me to waste time thinking about it. 

No cut to top 4 with 16 players, so while Kanji won the event, I am not so sure he would have won the single elimination.  His build was good, but… Having faced a few of the others I suspect it would not have gone so well...

In any case, got me thinking about what to play next.  Ended up winning an M-3 Interceptor (small base ship, only one I could even come up with a reason to pick up at this point)…  Bouncing around some ideas, but nothing really solid I think…  But I have a few weeks I guess to come up with something.