Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Titan X-Wing League this weekend and Store Championships coming up...

Not sure how many of the Store Championships I will go to…  Bloomington for sure on 29 July, Titan in Champaign for sure as it is my local one.  Probably Springfield as well as Nick got me started in the game.  So, 3 or 4 of them.  At least one I will have to fly my S&V Aces list.  Signed up for the Peoria one on 10 June, so I will be going to 3 of them…  I hope.  Champaign still has not set their date and I REALLY hope they are not in conflict with the other Titan store (Peoria) or the wedding I have to go to on 3 June…  But we’ll see I guess.  Tentatively down for the 3…

Gearing up to fly in the League this weekend and trying out the latest iteration of my Firespray list. 

BobaKath2 (100)
Boba Fett (Scum) — Firespray-31
Seismic Charges
Homing Missiles
Burnout SLAM
Extra Munitions
Guidance Chips
Slave I
Ship Total: 51

Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-31
Engine Upgrade
Ship Total: 49

SO many upgrades on Fett’s Firespray…  Kind of going for the “Swiss Army Knife” approach with Fearlessness for the Range 1 terror, Homing Missiles/Guidance Chips/4-LOM for the Ace hunting and the Burnout Slam to GTFO when things are looking bad.  The Bombs seem like they are useful, and this fits thematically with the movie version of the ship when they were hunting Obi Wan Kenobi’s fighter.  I had to get rid of the HLC on Kath’s ship, but to be honest it was 7 points for a shot, maybe 2.  Ideally I want to have them chase her so she can get the 5 Dice attacks with modification.  The Engine Upgrade is WAY more useful to me overall I think as it is kind of hard to keep things in the arcs without repositioning of some sort.
Will see how this list does in the League to see if it is what I bring to the SC events…  I suspect at least one I will.  Is a more “fun” list, and frankly a bit more durable than my S&V Ace list.  Guessing what I will face with the Ace list I am fairly confident it will surprise a few folks, but it depends on Green Dice which are notoriously fickle…  When they roll average or better it does REALLY well.  If not?  Well, it is a short game J