Tuesday, June 6, 2017

First X-Wing SC this weekend...

Mkay,  so after a fair bit of thought on the results of my various games that I have played with the Firesprays I’ve come to the conclusion that Phil over in the UK (seen here at his own blog) had the build that works the best.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that this build:

BobaKath (100)
Boba Fett (Scum) — Firespray-31
Concussion Missiles
Guidance Chips
Ship Total: 47

Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-31
Heavy Laser Cannon
Black Market Slicer Tools
Ship Total: 53

Will be where I start for this season.  Kath with the EU made her fast and she tended to get in close and die.  Fett was solid, but with all the upgrades there were so many times that I simply did not use a lot of them.  The Homing Missile with 4-LOM made for an interesting Ace killer.  But the main Ace I faced was Fenn Rau…  Not quite so useful, and frankly I can count on one hand the number of times that I actually used both Missiles.  Same for the Seismic Charges…  Occasionally useful, but really not something I used enough.  Losing the HLC got me a bunch of other upgrades, but…  I think playing Kath slowly and keeping her back at range and ALWAYS taking the Evade action is the smart way to play her.  Fett moves in and brawls.  Glitterstem swaps in for the Extra Munitions and makes him VERY survivable…  For one turn.  The Toby Keith song “As Good as I Once Was” where there is the line about “I might not be as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was”…  Picturing an older Fett talking about it, and being…  A bit older now myself, I understand it very well J… 

The one thing I am still on the fence about is Fearlessness vs. VI for Fett.  PS 10 puts me above the slew of PS 9 things that I am going to see…  Imperials have a LOT of things that hit in that area.  Not just Whisper and Fel these days, there are a number of builds with the TIE /sf pilots like Quickdraw and Backdraft.  OTOH, Fearlessness for the +1 result?  My general inclination is to stick with the philosophy of “The Best Defense is a Solid Offence”…  Ironic as I played Safety in (American) Football and Defenseman in Hockey…  But getting in as a brawler and just threatening the potential 5 Dice attack with re-rolls and for the one GS turn, free conversions makes for a really aggressive and dangerous ship.

I was thinking the S&V Aces list, but with the announcement of the “Hired Guns” set and the title making the Kihraxz AMAZING it kind of fell back a bit for me.  Still on the back burner for me and I bet by the end of the SC run I’ll swap to it.  I always felt Cobrabane was good, just missing ONE thing on the card to be a really good ship.  The Title fixes that and a LOT more.  Making ALL upgrades 1 point cheaper might well be too good…  Mindlink being FREE?  3 Modifications?  EU and AT for 4 points total if you are making a dogfighter…  My current Cobrabane comes in at 40 points (Mindlink, Homing Missile, Cloak, EU), and with the new Title it goes to 36 points and gains AT and Guidance Chips…  Probably swap the Cloak out for something else like the Scavenger Crane or the like… But in any case, it gets amazing…