Thursday, June 8, 2017

IT Insurrection and X-Wing SC #1

IT Insurrection

So, doing some “IT stuff” and finding my background in RPGs, Video gaming and tabletop gaming is coming in REALLY handy.  Turns out, I am good at the whole “politics” thing…  I just strongly dislike doing it.  Kind of the whole thing about figuring out what the rules are, who is in charge of what and how to get around all of that part…  Actually, I think it is the fact that this sort of thing is NECESSARY annoys me more than anything else does.  Wasting a few years of work doing what was necessary only to have it all evaporate for lack of funding/direction/whatever.  What we were TRYING to do was add in automation in order to actually do our jobs, the whole “do more with less” thing that happens when say, the State has no budget for 3 years and we still have to make things work in spite of that.  In any case, it appears that things are falling into place and it might even work out.  I guess we will see.  Hoping that this time it does not get me into trouble for “exceeding my authority”, but honestly, I am somewhat OK with that…  Something I know we need, so I will help make it happen.  Moreover, since I have actually gotten other job offers outside of the University system now I am not feeling quite so locked into the system.  ALMOST to the point where I CAN actually “retire” and keep my medical benefits…  NOT really wanting to leave the University, but since there are not opportunities to advance here it might be the next step for my career.  In a few years probably.  Ideally, after the girls make it through College of course, but that is 8 more years… 

X-Wing, I have my first Store Championship of the year this weekend.  Going to Titan Games in Peoria…  The event starts at 9:30, so it will be an EARLY morning for me and  LONG day I guess, but should be a lot of fun I hope.  I’m flying my Firesprays:

BobaKath (100)
Boba Fett (Scum) — Firespray-31
Concussion Missiles
Guidance Chips
Ship Total: 47

Kath Scarlet (Scum) — Firespray-31
Heavy Laser Cannon
Black Market Slicer Tools
Ship Total: 53

Not 100% sure about the Missiles still, but looking like this is how I will play it out.  Kath NEEDS to be flown a lot more conservatively going slow and keeping the range for the fully modified HLC shots until she does the burst forward and goes for the Rear Arc shots…  You know, if it all goes according to plan.  Fett is just a brawler.  Roll in, hit hard and fast, hope to take down more points before he dies.  A fair number of things that are hard counters to this list like Tyler’s Worlds list, but even that…  I am hoping that he will at least know he was in a fight J…   Working out the basic opening moves then getting into the scrum…  X-Wing being a dice game after all, it does eventually come down to actual dice rolling…