Thursday, March 8, 2018

Next X-Wing list testing and "stuff"

So, on to a more “friendly” build for Mattoon and next Month at Titan I think…  J  Seems like I go through cycles of playing silly “because I feel like it” lists that have no real chance of taking an event then come back to the hard corp power list to remind myself that I am actually pretty good at the game...  In any case the “Firestorm” list has been called a “meme” list…  Amusing, but I can throw out a LOT of damage against someone not prepared for it…  So, one I will look at flying again in the Store Championship season.

On to the next list:
BAY (100)
Horton Salm — Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
Bomb Loadout
"Chopper" (Astromech)
Guidance Chips
BTL-A4 Y-Wing
Ship Total: 32

Jake Farrell — A-Wing
Push the Limit
Chardaan Refit
Veteran Instincts
A-Wing Test Pilot
Ship Total: 28

Ten Numb — B-Wing
Veteran Instincts
"Mangler" Cannon
Operations Specialist
Ship Total: 40

So “BAY”, at least in the firing order, so might be what I call it.  Ten Numb was actually pretty solid, especially against the stupid high Defenses I am seeing these days…  4 Agility, Palp and an Evade Token?  Whatever, take a Critical.  Jake is slippery and with the possibility of setting up for Arc Dodging and such when he gets assigned a Focus…  Just have to NOT be Stressed when it happens I guess.  But still, move fast, dodge Arcs and try to throw in a Damage or two on the way…  Horton is…  Different.  Set up to Joust the first run through.  Ideally, Range 2-3 so I get Rerolls.  Then as I take Damage, I can shed upgrades to get Shields back.  The BTL-A4 upgrade locking my Turret to the Front Arc being likely the first to go so I can move him to a TLT carrier mid to late game.  But the Y-Wing can actually throw out a bit of Damage in the BTL configuration…  So, I dare them to shoot me and let me release the TLT.  Still, it is just a Y-Wing at the end of the day, and so another Agility 1 ship that has a “less than good” dial.

But the list is looking like fun.  The Firesprays I flew last SC season were fun too, but woefully underpowered.  Same thing here I suspect, but not gunning for the top spot anymore, proved my point last time…

X-Wing podcasts this week are pretty much all "battle reports" for the Regionals, etc. they are playing in.  So, pretty boring frankly as I have seen a number of the games on streams and I frankly have little interest in hearing about a play by play of the event.  Disappointed that there were people giving the Krayts a hard time about their "Player 4" cast.  I thought it was excellent work, a lot of higher level game theory and math going into it and kept my interest all the way through, and I go back to reference it still...  Guess I just do not understand some people, and that is fine.

Work is a lot of Security changes coming...  Getting good at presenting the case, but really sort of getting tired of having to repeat the answers to "Why can't I just keep doing things the way I am used to?"...  A lot of the Faculty are brilliant...  In their fields.  But experience dealing with teenage children has come in quite nicely, as has my extreme patience and ability to (appear) remain completely calm no matter what is going on around me is serving me quite well.  Still in the active job search mode, met with a "Recruiter" for a bit and I guess we'll see what comes of that.  In the old days, we called them Headhunters and they got me a number of good jobs.  I am of course going to be a LOT more selective these days, and would prefer to remain at the University, but am not seeing anything opening nor am I hearing anything on the ones I have applied for.  Good and bad, per usual...  No "Thanks for playing" mail, but nothing at all after a few Months...  So, work on my Resume and practice interviewing again.  We'll see I suppose.

Was going to take tomorrow (Friday) off, but am required to come in…  Guess early next week I stay home to deal with some home repair issues and just “not be in the office” for a bit.  Want to work on my motorcycle, the garage lights and the basement drainage issues…  So, will be busy at least, and the bike being the only thing I WANT to be working on of course, but needs being what they are…