Wednesday, January 23, 2019

X-Wing this weekend and running again?

Well, gearing up for the weekend with the big (I HOPE) event in Bloomington ( …  Looking like I’ll likely be running Dash/Roark again:

DashRoark3 (199)
Dash Rendar — YT-2400 Light Freighter
Trick Shot
Han Solo
Perceptive Copilot
Ship Total: 137
Half Points: 69 Threshold: 5

Roark Garnet — HWK-290 Light Freighter
Squad Leader
Proximity Mines
Tactical Officer
Moldy Crow
Ship Total: 62
Half Points: 31 Threshold: 3

+/- on it being the Proximity Mines on the Hawk…  I found them useful, but 1 point is not a real bid.  It is just the “I had nothing else to add” I suppose…  With the 2 “new” Factions being legal, there is a fair number of viable lists and I suspect this one is going to be a “mid-tier/table” list for me.  Almost no way I win out, but I should end with a winning record I hope…  Assuming that I do not just suffer from brain fatigue over the long day.  One reason I do not play the “Ace” build this time… 

One build I am actually kind of worried about facing is detailed quite well here:

3 Upsilon class shuttles from the First Order…  SO much to shoot through, and they hit HARD.  Built out that way, there is a Turn 1 Alpha Strike that is very difficult to avoid…  Tyler talked about it at length on the OCX podcast this week as well, but his was NOT the “sell out for the Alpha” list…  With my Dash/Roark list?  I set up against the Alpha Strikers with “I’m just running” in mind.  Surprisingly, the HWK has a boost and with the 4 Straight and Boost running along the board edge I might avoid the strike there…  The 2400?  Well, 4 Straight on the Large base does move quite a distance…  So likely Turn 1, start with that…  Can I dodge most (all) of the Arcs?  Maybe.  Trading shots is not a good option since on the first Turn, they are front loaded and they will NOT be later in the game.  A few things to remember for me are that I can shed a Red/Orange token by going over Terrain and so a TL that appears on Turn 1 might not be there…  Tempted to run right at the Shuttles, but Dash does NOT like close combat.  I suspect that this knife fighting approach is the “Ace” answer to the 3 Shuttle list.  Draw it out, drag them through the terrain.  Their Collision Detectors have 2 charges, and mine does not J  Roark just needs to skirt the field and run like Hell…  The Mines might well be something that makes a difference as not many players of this list use them…  Or they might still be on the racks when all my Ships die J 

More previews are hitting for Wave 3, but it is all the CIS stuff and I have no real interest in that…  Looks REALLY interesting though and I am actually quite excited to see them coming.  My Republic stuff should be the next few previews and if they stay true to form, the real release might well be in March or even February…  And I’ll have my Hyperspace legal Ace list I suspect…  The Jedi should be amazing on the table, and I’ve gotten one of my old ARCs (started on) repainted…  Nothing TOO extreme, Blue stripes in place of the Red so it at least looks different… I am HOPING that an ARC and 2 Jedi will be a list I can field…  And one of those Jedi will pretty much have to be Anakin for me since the I6 is going to be absolutely vital I suspect.  But of course until points are released, no one knows…

Job search?  Continues.  Had a few interviews, but not the one I am REALLY kind of hoping for.  Long shot, but a completely different career direction.  Amusingly, it would be a Faculty position, and Professor Chappell does sound pretty good J  Will see.  But things continue where I am and I have a job I could well retire from, so no real pressure to jump.   

Running 3 days a week locally, and joined the Krayt’s Running Group on Strava.  I’m basically doing a 5K each time (just a bit over 3 miles), but of course NOT going overly fast…  My brother is the marathon runner, he is REALLY good.  Me?  I’m just running to get closer to “back in shape”.  Once upon a time I maxxed out the Army PT test pretty easily, and looking at the ancient DD-214 showing me as a 12B20V for MOS…  Well, once upon a time I was able to do a lot of those things my RPG characters can do like the meme says J

J  Losing weight again, eating better and getting back to where I once was…  Finding that the general pain level is back down to almost pre-Army levels…  Just need to drop another 25 or so pounds to get back there.  Will see, if I can keep this going through the Summer, it is actually likely…

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